Marlboro College

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Excerpts from Ellen McCulloch-Lovell’s Inaugural Address

“There must be a Marlboro: to bring forth the next generation of ideas and creations, and to be the laboratory for a humanistic science; to produce the experiments, the art, the books for our age, using technology to serve human aims; to generate the new teachers and the new citizens....

No, we are not isolated here on Potash Hill or in downtown Brattleboro. We are connected to the world…. One third of our students study internationally. Along with romance languages, we teach Japanese, Chinese and classical Arabic. The center of the campus on the hill is wireless. The graduate center teaches about, and through, technology. Yet here is a Latin fellow. Here is a monthly Town Meeting in the Vermont tradition. This is a safe space, a civic space, a school for citizenship....

Marlboro is a paradox, said one alumnus: at once experimental and deeply conservative. I think we are different voices in dialectic. Imagining is powerful; we may become what we behold. For along these crossing pathways, and on the road to the horizon, Marlboro will remain, with your help: a capacious conversation, a place of open questions, open minds, open doors."

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