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professor in classMarlboro, unlike most colleges, does not have core curriculum requirements. However, Marlboro College does have academic requirements. Students must pass the Clear Writing Requirement (see Clear Writing Program) in their first three semesters. To graduate they must complete a Plan of Concentration, an integrated and original course of study, in a degree field offered by Marlboro. All degree fields have their own requirements or recommendations. In addition, if students wish to receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science in International Studies, they must fulfill the requirements of the World Studies Program.


What you'll need to know about your first year at Marlboro.

Big Picture

A year-by-year overview of Marlboro's curriculum.


Pointers for students who are new to Marlboro, but not new to college.


Topics for Advisors and Advisees

Semester by semester overview of Advisor and Advisee topics

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Ideas for faculty and students during dedicated hour

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