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Photo of Morgan Faust"The beauty of film is in its ability to transport not only the audience, but the filmmaker into a whole new world, even if that world is just down the street. My goal in teaching is to instill and perpetuate that kind of excitement in all of my students," says Morgan Faust, independent filmmaker. Born and bred in New England, Morgan brings more than seven years of experience in both documentary and fictional filmmaking to the classroom. "For me, filmmaking is really five things stuffed into one title – collaboration, skill, knowledge, persistence, and creativity."

According to Morgan, film has become the dominant medium, and metaphor of our time, completely changing the way we see, talk, and think about things. “Studying film production and theory in today's world is like taking on the study of world culture, art, philosophy, history and psychology all rolled into one,” she says. Morgan aims to promote the multi-disciplinary nature of filmmaking by encouraging her students to incorporate the resources provided by Marlboro College and their fellow students into each of their projects.

In 2003 Morgan won Best Director of a Documentary at the Blue Ridge Film Festival for her first film, The Treasure of Thomas Beale. In 2005 Morgan was named Filmmaker-in-residence at WGBH in Boston, where she spent the year working on her feature-length documentary-in-progress 'Til Death do Us Part. This past year Morgan, along with a handful of other film buffs, founded the Brattleboro Film Society, bringing classic, foreign, and independent films to southern Vermont. Morgan's film and television credits include Errol Morris' First Person (2001), Funny Ha Ha (2003), The Treasure of Thomas Beale (2003), They Made America (2004) and Mutual Appreciation (2005).As an adjunct professor, Morgan will be filling in for Jay Craven while he is away on sabbatical this fall.

B.A., Dartmouth College, 1996-2000. Marlboro College 2006 -

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