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"I see ceramics, and all art-making, as integral to a liberal arts curriculum," says Martina Lantin. "The determination to develop skill in ceramics is akin to learning the art of writing and critical thinking." Martina's knowledge of ceramics has been fostered—both technically and professionally—by numerous international work and study experiences, including an apprenticeship in England and graduate study in Denmark. These periods strongly influenced her aesthetic development and functional sensibility by raising a new awareness of the cultural differences in approaches to ceramics as a medium. Martina's years employed as a production potter and maintaining her own studio practice strengthened her technical abilities on the wheel and with a variety of firing techniques.

Teaching Philosophy

Martina's courses inspire students toward a deeper understanding of the material and the explication of their own ideas. As she teaches, she asks students to instigate their own challenges and be motivated to take risks with their work. She says, "Beyond the use of our hands, arts practice is supported by the engagement of our minds. I encourage students to incorporate a broad base of knowledge to catalyze their work." Martina's courses give equal attention to craftsmanship, technical understanding and conceptual development, and encourages students to look broadly and critically at what has come before to develop their own vocabulary. She also expects to learn from students: "I open myself to students through the act of teaching, and this openness in return exposes me to new ideas and perspectives that serve to inform my studio work. My own cycle of articulating and evaluating what I make is affirmed by the energy and enthusiasm generated through the interaction with students who are likewise engrossed in their work. I strive to share this spirit of consideration, exploration and discovery of the creative process with each of my students."

Scholarly Activities

In her own work, Martina draws inspiration from aspects of material culture and the story of how populations have moved around the globe through history. She has had shows across the United States and in Canada, and is represented in several galleries. In 2010 she received an artist fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission and was featured in the October issue of Ceramics Monthly. "I am always striving to develop new forms in the studio, and have been fascinated with 'flower bricks' (vases that hold several separate stems) in past year—they offer a unique connection to ceramic history while also offering the dual potential of utilitarian and decorative functions."

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Martina Lantin Ceramics

B.A., Earlham College, 1996; M.F.A., Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, 2009; Marlboro College 2010 -



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