Marlboro College


Elizabeth Lucas--
Classics Fellow

Liz Lucas"The past is another country: they do things differently there," says Liz Lucas. "The key we have to unlocking the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans is their literature, and with this we can build up an intricate portrait of their attitudes and approaches to the eternal questions facing all cultures."

Liz graduated from Oxford's Trinity College and is the 27th member of Marlboro classic fellowship program, initiated in 1963 to bring to campus recent Oxford graduates here to teach classical studies and ancient Greek and Latin language courses.

Essential to studying the ancients is appreciating the vitality of their ideas, says Liz. "The study of these 'dead' languages is therefore anything but that: the more their language is examined and learnt, the closer and more alive these figures from the past become. For this reason, learning Latin and Greek is much more than just an intellectual exercise, but as with learning any language is the first step towards a comprehension of why a people behave and believe as they do."

At Marlboro, Liz teaches language courses in both Latin and ancient Greek, as well as classes in specific works of Classical literature, including Homeric epic poetry.

Liz's interests range from international travel through rowing and netball (a British version of women's basketball) to charity work in Oxford.

BA, Trinity College, Oxford, 2003. Marlboro College 2003 -


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