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Kate Merrill began making photographs in the spring of 1999 as a freshman attending Marlboro College. She says that "for the first time, I found a way to communicate—a way to tell secrets, a way to understand the emotions that I could not control—and I began to learn the power behind how and why photographs change our world." After receiving her degree in visual arts from Marlboro in 2002, Kate taught photography courses at Yale University School of Art, the Williston Northampton School, the Creative Arts Workshop of New Haven, Connecticut, and the Snow Farm New England Craft Program. Kate has also exhibited her work in photography, film, drawing, and installation at various sites in the Northeast.

Teaching Philosophy

Kate says that "what I have learned and experienced over the past dozen years is that art making and photography as a practice and as an educational tool carry inherent qualities that demand the maker, the participant, and the viewer to come together as collaborators. This collaboration is more often than not without words. I witnessed photographs bringing people together. I see images that ask questions about the lives we live. I witness photographs that cause us to seek social change. It is my fudnamental understanding of life and image that promotes a desire to teach and advocate for arts education."

While enrolled in Yale University's School of Art's M.F.A. program, Kate witnessed the power of cross-cultural exchange. She believes that a continuing dialogue among a community of artists, teachers, and students from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints allows for a developed appreciation and conscious understanding for one another's cultural differences.

Scholarly Activities

Selected Exhibitions

B.A., Marlboro College, 2002; M.F.A., Yale University School of Art, 2012; Marlboro College 2013 -

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