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Academics Gearoid Millar - Social Science Fellow

Gearoid Millar is committed to an interdisciplinary approach in both research and teaching.  His doctoral work in conflict resolution at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs integrated various methods and theories from sociology, political science, anthropology and psychology.  Gearoid's research interests focus on the intersection of local and global constructs of war, peace and justice in an inherently interdisciplinary methodology.

Teaching Philosophy

Gearoid says that "by bringing an interdisciplinary approach to methods and theory to teaching I broaden students' perspectives and encourage a greater range of critical thought in the classroom.  This approach also lends itself well to a more participatory teaching method that requires students to engage with the material and tackle complex issues of global and historical importance."  He feels that his own passion for breaking down the barriers between disciplines, as well as between theory and practice serves as a touchstone for even less theoretically oriented students.

Scholarly Activities

Gearoid's research has primarily involved post-war transitional justice, peacebuilding and development, and specifically the applicability of popular international models to socially and culturally diverse situations. He has worked for the past 6 years studying the transition from war to peace in Sierra Leone and hopes to apply the lessons from this case study to ongoing or recently terminated wars in other regions of the world. He is also interested in the role of non-state actors in social change, in developing interdisciplinary methods for the study of complex social problems, and in the unequal distribution of benefits from international peacebuilding and development projects.

B.A., Florida Atlantic University, 2003; M.A., American University, 2006; Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2010; Marlboro College 2010 -


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