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Academics Megan Mitchell - Mellon Teaching Fellow in Ceramics

Megan Mitchell comes to Marlboro from a long-term residecy as an artist at the Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, Montana. She is extremely active as a studio artist and is scheduled to participate in over 15 exhibitions in 2013. Her priority as an educator is to encourage problem solving and curiosity in her students. She views the visual arts as a vital component of a liberal arts education, fostering skills in critical thinking, finding creative approaches to problems, working with a group, and incorporating knowledge from other disciplines including history, sciences, and other areas in the arts.

Teaching Philosophy

Megan looks forward to "the opportunity to develop my skills as an educator while continuing my artistic research in the context of a small but vibrant college community."  Skills that she brings to the ceramics classroom include a strong foundation in throwing and handbuilding, mold making, glaze chemistry, and firing and maintaining a variety of kilns, including electric, gas, salt, soda, and wood. Her background in painting and printmaking leads to an interest in art practices beyond ceramics, and a familiarity with contemporary issues within her field and the larger arts community. Megan says that "besides my ceramics expertise, my strengths as an educator include clear communication and organizational skills, and an ability to be empathetic but firm with students. As a graduate of a small liberal arts college, I have firsthand insight into the student body and am interested in mentoring and advising students." In the classroom, Megan seeks to create an environment where stuednts are challenged, but also able to achieve success.

Scholarly Activities

Megan's research is focused on an investigation of ceramic surfaces, across functional and sculptural formats. She is currently producing two separate but related types of work: functional pottery and wall installations. She notes that "my work is motivated by the desire to reconcile spaciousness and containment, and references architecture, interior design and landscapes. My research goals for coming year include continuing my exploration of printmaking processes on ceramic objects, and creating larger wall installations."

B.A., Carleton College, 1999; M.F.A., Utah State University, 2012; Marlboro College, 2013 -

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