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Brian Mooney knows Marlboro from both sides of the desk.  As a student, Brian completed a Plan in Theater and Sociology, which included writing and producing three original plays.  He returned to Marlboro in 2003-2007 as a Visiting Professor of Writing, and he thoroughly enjoyed helping students address the Clear Writing Requirement.  While teaching at Marlboro, Brian began creating The Storymatic, a "writing prompt, teaching tool, parlor game, and a toy - all in one little box."  The Storymatic is now found in hundreds of classrooms around North America.  When he's not teaching or managing The Storymatic, Brian writes for educational, nonprofit, and commercial audiences.

Teaching Philosophy

Brian notes that "while I was in graduate school, I also worked as a mental health worker in Brattleboro.  I mentored two kids; I also helped run an after-school camp for ADHD kids at risk of social disaffection.  I mention this because my teaching philosophy - indeed, my entire pedagogical outlook - has been informed by my experience as a mental health worker.  Safety + fun + challenge = lifelong learning.  Whether I'm working with kids, with adolescents, with college students, or with adults I always have that simple equation in mind."

Brian brings to his classes experience, passion, a sense of humor, a diversity of interests, a sensitivity to the students' background, and a simple goal: to help students learn to write and think clearly, and to help them embrace the pleasure of a creative, academic, and personal challenge.  He likes to create opportunities for one-on-one work, seeking to understand where students are and where they want to go, and then trying to get them to go further than that.

Scholarly Activities

Brian's fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review, Cincinnati ReviewIndiana Review, Chicago Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Seattle Review, Crazyhorse, and many other journals.  His story "SPQR" received special mentioned in the 2011 Pushcart Prize Anthology.

In 2013, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is scheduled to publish Brian's non-fiction book Everything is Something: The Story of Jamestown in 20 Objects.  Other work for Colonial Williamsburg includes Women of the Revolution: A Teacher's Guide with Historical Background and Lesson Plans.  Brian also helped write The Idea of America, and extensive American history and social science curriculum.

As a writer for the arts advocacy organization United States Artists, Brian's short stories and speeches have been presented at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Paramount Studios, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Broad Stage.

Brian is a senior faculty member of The Putney School Summer Programs, where he teaches fiction and poetry.

B.A., Marlboro College, 1990; M.F.A., University of Massachusetts, 1999; Marlboro College, 2012 -

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