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Evelyn Richardson joins Marlboro as the 32nd Classics Fellow.  Evelyn received his BA in Classics and Arabic from Oxford, where he received the Chancellor's Latin Verse Prize and the Richard Hillary Creative Writing Prize.  Evelyn says that "Marlboro is an academic community vibrant with intellectual curiosity and unfettered by notional boundaries between disciplines.  As a committed believer in the value of cross-fertilization in scholarly activity, I feel at home here."  Evelyn also likes the rural location, as he loves the outdoors and enjoys skiing and fishing.

Teaching Philosophy

Evelyn's tenure at Oxford imbued him with a profound enthusiasm for Greek and Latin.  He says that "it demonstrated to me that the study of these languages is about more than attaining basic proficiency in reading original texts; it is ultimately about trying to unearth the inimitable and untranslatable voices of Western culture's founding fathers.  In my experience the disciplines of prose and verse composition can be especially helpful as a means to this end."

Scholarly Activities

Evelyn's principal interests are in Latin literature, Latin linguistics and the transmission of Latin literature through the Middle Ages.  He states that "what fascinates me in particular about Latin literature are the ways in which it responded to the cultural prestige of Greece."  In addition to his preparation in Latin and Greek, Evelyn chose to take up Arabic because Arabic literary culture presents such a different picture from the Western tradition - right down to the fundamentals of genre and form - that it sharpens the appreciation of the particular character if Western culture and the Classical tradition.

B.A., University of Oxford, 2012; Marlboro College, 2012 -

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