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Boukary Sawadogo, a native French speaker from Burkina Faso in West Africa, comes to Marlboro with additional experiences of North American Francophone culture and literature through the French heritage in southern Louisiana.  He also has experience with student-faculty projects that feature diversity in the Francophone world.  As an example, for two years he was involved in planning an event for a recent La Journee International de la Francophonie, which celebrated the diversity inherent in the French-speaking world.  He plans to continue to organize such events, including cinema soirees, at Marlboro.  In addition to teaching language courses, Boukary may offer courses in the literatures and cultures of the contemporary French-speaking world, and advanced work on sexuality, gender, and Francophone cinema.

Teaching Philosophy

Boukary notes that his five previous years as a French instructor at the college level "has steadily deepened and refined my commitment to two liberal arts education ideals: first, that true learning is a collaborative and reflexive process; and second, that language education serves that process when it leads to intellectual inquiry and understanding of different cultures of the world."  In addition, he believes that close student-faculty interaction is a key component of undergraduate liberal arts education.

Scholarly Activities

Boukary's current research focus is on homosexuality and innovative representation of women in Francophone West African cinema.  He explores, through the medium of cinema, the role of sexuality and gender in cultural representations and distribution of power in African societies.  He also explores the condition of marginalized groups in society more broadly through literature and cinema in the Caribbean and North Africa.

Selected Publications

Selected Conference Papers

B.A., University of Dakar, 2001; M.A., University of Northern Iowa, 2008; Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2012' Marlboro College, 2012 -

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