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"Education is a value that cuts across all of our differences," said Ken Schneck, dean of students. "It is a something we all share, whether we are a product of public, private, secular, faith-based or kitchen-table institutions of learning." Ken teaches a variety of classes that complement Marlboro's liberal arts curriculum by deconstructing the process and product of education, from Talking Race in Education to Spirituality and Religion on the School Commons. "I see my courses as giving students an additional opportunity to question all of the different factors, from race to faith to system change, that contribute to how we put forth information, digest it and, ideally, pass it on."

Teaching Philosophy

Ken's approach to learning is rooted in Howard Gardner's work on multiple intelligences, and the idea that optimal learning requires appealing to different modes of learning across the spectrum. "If education is to reach everyone, as it is purported to do, it has to be both dynamic and the utmost in flexible," says Ken. "A typical class of mine will see us jumping from our text to a YouTube video to leaving campus to interact with people actually doing the work." He says that nothing stimulates his teaching more than students who are present. "Far beyond just showing up, although that is pretty darn important too, presence in one of my courses means constantly processing, comparing, analyzing and, most importantly, pausing."

Scholarly Activities

Much of Ken's research focuses on the words students, teachers and administrators use and how they affect the educational climate. His doctoral dissertation, which received the 2008 LGBT Research Award from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, looked in depth at the word "gay," specifically as part of the idiom "that's so gay." Ken continues his work around this word, particularly within the context of school the bullying that dominates headlines, as well as others, such as "atheist." "Throwing together the concepts of religion, faith and education, rubrics we are told by law should not be discussed jointly, has thus far yielded some stimulating theories and I'm excited to play with these ideas more," he says.

Selected Publications
Selected Conference Papers

Community Service

Ken has provided extensive LGBT and ally training for educational institutions: from high school to law school, public to private, secular to faith-based. In 2006 he created a multimedia presentation that explores the relationship between alcohol and other drugs use and LGBT students, and toured it around the region. Ken created, produces and co-hosts This Show is So Gay, a nationally syndicated radio show broadcasting locally in Vermont and worldwide on iTunes, and dozens of other websites, bringing together some of the most notable names in LGBT culture to talk about all things gay in the world. For two years, Ken has participated as part of the support crew for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545-mile bike ride in California to raise money for HIV/AIDS-related services.

B.A. New York University, 1999; M.A. New York University, 2001; Ph.D. Fordham University, 2008; Marlboro College, 2007 -



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