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MBA in Managing For Sustainability

If you want to lead a business, there are many MBA programs you can choose from. But if you want to serve the greater good – creating value for people, organizations, and the planet itself – you need a different kind of MBA. All great business leaders are visionaries, but what is your vision? Doing well by doing good? Running a venture that seeks not merely to reward stakeholders but also to repair the world? If you’re that kind of leader, Marlboro’s MBA in Managing for Sustainability may be the ideal program for you.

More and more businesses are working incrementally toward sustainable operations, with the end goal of doing no harm. What distinguishes Marlboro’s MBA program is a commitment to push beyond sustainability – a state of zero impact – to a net positive state whereby organizations prosper, communities thrive, and the planet flourishes anew.

Leaders in sustainability must by definition be agents of change. In Marlboro’s “full-potency” MBA program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to lead with agility and courage, think creatively, and act decisively. You will learn how to apply your personal values, beliefs, attitudes, and consciousness in the context of your work. You will emerge ready to guide an organization from its status quo to a healthy future based on the well-being of the whole. The transformation you experience will enable you to transform the world.

Our innovative curriculum features an integrated, three-part structure based on:

In the MBA in Managing for Sustainability program, we foster a learning community where leaders gain the capacity to think holistically, live their values, and invent and build an alternative future in which everyone prospers: people, organizations, and the planet.

Shape of the New Economy

Creating a Sustainable Business

Building Business Relationships

Natural Capital Network


Beth Mellen, MBA'12


Beth's capstone project addressed the importance of engaged employees to the sustainability strategy of large corporations.

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