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There are many ways to develop a global perspective while at Marlboro College. In addition to studying abroad or joining a class trip overseas, an international understanding can be nurtured right on Marlboro's campus. Live with a student who's just returned from a six-month internship in Senegal or Guatemala. Take classes with professors experienced in international research, and attend presentations offered by students returning from abroad. Participate in one of the many intercultural events sponsored by the world studies office. Ride a college van 15 miles to the School for International Training (SIT), where students are welcome to attend events with a culturally diverse student body representing the continents of the world. Marlboro offers everyone international opportunities, here on the hill and beyond. Many of our alumni go on to rewarding experiences abroad, such as those featured in the recent international issue of After Marlboro.

The Gander Center for World Studies

World Studies LoungeIn May 2008, the Gander Center for World Studies was formally dedicated to former President Roderick Gander (1981-1996), who was a leader in developing international opportunities at Marlboro College. If you are looking for study abroad opportunities, language faculty, the associate director of world studies or students working on Plan with internationally-related concentrations, this is the place. And, don’t miss our crowning jewel, a spacious lounge/library where all members of the Marlboro community are welcome to use world studies resources, hold meetings, host events or just spend a quiet moment leafing through the many publications we house.

The world studies office supports a variety of international efforts including enhancing global perspectives in Marlboro’s academic program, the World Studies Program (WSP), study abroad, hosting international students and scholars, international/intercultural programming on campus and assisting faculty-led international trips. Stop by for a visit to further explore these opportunities. Better yet, bring your own burning ideas that we can take and run with.

World Studies Staff

As the director of international services, Chelsea Ferrell helps students identify suitable study abroad programs and pertinent scholarship information, as well as navigate the entire study abroad process from pre-departure to re-entry concerns. Closer to campus, she prepares for and supports international students and scholars and teaches courses on intercultural affairs and related subjects. Chelsea spent four years at the School for International Training before coming to Marlboro, both on campus and in the field in Asia, most notably in Nepal. She also served as an international exchange advisor at Stony Brook University. Chelsea has a master's degree in social anthropology from the School for Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Swarthmore.

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