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Academics Application Process, Costs and Schedule

How Does the "Semester Away" Work? 

Most colleges have a process to allow students to apply to study away or abroad and transfer credits back home upon completion of the study away experience. The exact process differs campus to campus. Marlboro College staff will work with advisors and offices at your home institution to help you complete the process. The overall steps are generally as follows: 

Please note that many schools have early deadlines for applying for semesters away / abroad. It is in your interest to apply to Movies from Marlboro as early as possible, both to give you a better chance of getting in, and to give you time to sort out paperwork with your home institutions. 

Questions? Contact Amanda Whiting, Marlboro Registrar's Office (, 802-251-7609)


Program Schedule 

Marlboro's spring semester corresponds roughly with that of most other US colleges on a semester schedule. Participating students will be expected to be present for all activities. The start and end dates are fixed, but the exact pre-production and production schedules are subject to change as the filming schedule is finalized. 




Wed, Jan 15, 2014

Enrollment and Orientation

Marlboro College

Thurs, Jan 16 – Wed, Jan 22

Sundance Film Festival

Park City Utah

Thurs, Jan 23 – Fri, Mar 15

Course Work and Pre-production

Marlboro College

Fri, Mar 15 – Tues, Mar 18

Midterm Break


Wed, Mar 19 – Fri, Mar 28

Pre-production on location


Mon, Mar 31 – Thurs, May 8

Production & Wrap Up


Fri, May 9 – Tues, May 13

Course Finals and Exams

Marlboro College

Sun, May 18

Commencement 10am; Dorms Close at 4pm

Marlboro College


Program Cost and Financial Aid

The cost of the program is equal to the cost of a 2014 semester's tuition, room, board and fees at Marlboro ($24,195), plus the cost of the Sundance trip ($1,300) and the cost of health insurance (if the student is not already insured).

If you receive financial aid at your home institution, you will likely be able to transfer your federal financial aid grants and loans, and possibly additional existing scholarships. Marlboro will provide additional financial aid, where necessary and possible, and will assist you with the financial aid transfer process. 

Details about applying for financial aid will be provided to accepted students. 

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