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AREA:  Arts

Elizabeth Marie Hull
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: An in depth study of the short stories, poems, and plays of Tennessee Williams, culminating in a production of three of his one act plays.
PROJECT: Directing a theater production titled “Pity for the Wild,” a showcase of Tennessee Williams’ one act plays and poems
SPONSOR: Brenda Foley

Alexander Fox Kosieradzki
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A study in visual art and art history exploring the relationship between experience, communication and community.
PROJECT: A series of gallery-based and site-specific artworks exploring relationships between internal and external experience
SPONSOR: Timothy Segar

Zachary Parker Pearson
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A study of music and musicianship skills with a focus on the performance of contemporary acoustic jazz.
PROJECT: Acoustic jazz concert
SPONSOR: Stanley Charkey

AREA:  Cross-Disciplinary/World Studies

Sophie Claire Mueller
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: An exploration of movement through decorative pattern, repetition and motif in printmaking and ceramics, supported by a paper on pilgrimage as articulated in religious traditions.
PROJECT: A body of works on paper inspired by decorative pattern, repetition and motif in printmaking
SPONSORS: Cathy Osman, Martina Lantin, Amer Latif

Ruth Audrey Stark
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A study of 17th-century Dutch music and visual arts focusing on the themes of domesticity and exoticism in still life painting, and the relationship between visual depictions of musicians and contemporary musical practice.
PROJECT: A paper discussing the role of music in 17th-century Dutch society and how their musical practice relates to depictions of musicians in the visual arts
SPONSORS: Stanley Charkey, Erin Benay

Daniel Rose
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: An inquiry into the origins, nature and epistemic status of value judgments, focusing on the works and thought of Friedrich Nietzsche.
PROJECT: A Nietzschean inquiry into the issue of whether value judgments can be emended through rational discourse

Elizabeth Anne Giles
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
PLAN: A study in human migration and sociolinguistics with an emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa.
PROJECT: A paper exploring language policy in Ghana in relation to postcolonial political trends
SPONSOR: Lynette Rummel

AREA:  Humanities

Angela R. Allyn
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A study of race, gender and sexuality in practice, drawing on feminist, historical materialist, media studies, gender studies, anthropology and sociological theories and methodologies.
PROJECT: A Study of Homophobia in Jamaica: Current anthropological and sociological theories are used to examine the roots of homophobia in Jamaica with special emphasis on the cultural factors that exacerbate homophobia today
SPONSOR: Kathryn Ratcliff         

LITERATURE/American Literature & WRITING/Short Fiction
Eric Daniel Breeden
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A look at the phenomenon of self through the lens of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.
PROJECT: A creative essay exploring identity in antebellum America through the lens of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (the 1855 edition)
SPONSORS: John Sheehy, T. Hunter Wilson

Michael Allen Thompson
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: On the cultivation of freedom, singularity and ethics in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.
PROJECT: A study of the trajectories of spiritual growth in the works of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
SPONSOR: William Edelglass

AREA:  Natural Sciences

Christine Raudonis
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
PLAN: An interdisciplinary study of social issues, environmental conflicts and social protest surrounding natural resource development in Latin American, with a focus on mining.
PROJECT: A research paper on the social and environmental effects of open pit mining in Latin America
SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Rosario de Swanson, James Tober

Theodosia Rae Schneider
Bachelor of Science
PLAN: An analysis of the exercise physiology and biomechanics of sled dogs and a historical narrative of dog sledding culture.
PROJECT: An analysis of the exercise physiology and biomechanics of sled dogs
SPONSORS: Jaime Tanner, Carol Hendrickson

Devin Willmott
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A broad study of mathematics with a focus on group theory and combinatorial problems within groups.
PROJECT: Open Problems in Combinatorics: A paper reporting original research in combinatorics in group theory
SPONSOR: Matthew Ollis

AREA:  Social Sciences

PSYCHOLOGY/Middle Eastern Studies
Sarah Ferrari
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: This Plan is a comparative study of the psychological effects of child soldiering in Iran and Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. Also examined is the connection between poverty and child soldiering and resiliency in children.
PROJECT: Psychological effects of child soldiering during the Iran-Iraq war
SPONSORS: Thomas Toleno, Bridget Hynes

POLITICS/Cultural Studies
Nicole Hammond
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: A political and cultural exploration of people flows, identity and exchange.
PROJECT: An examination of contemporary Mediterranean identity, the EU-Mediterranean Partnership and migration within the region
SPONSORS: Lynette Rummel, Meg Mott

Kelly Pierce-Bulger
Bachelor of Arts
PLAN: An investigation of Palestinian women’s roles in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how women are interpreted from the foundational texts of Islam.
PROJECT: A paper on Palestinian women in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
SPONSORS: Dana Howell, Amer Latif , Timothy Little

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