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Admissions Non-Degree Seeking Students and Auditors

If you are interested in taking a course or two at Marlboro, there are two different ways to apply.

You may earn up to eight college credits at Marlboro if you apply as a part-time Non-Degree Seeking student. Or, you may apply as a Non-Degree Auditor. No credit is awarded for Auditors.

Marlboro also offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in one credit-bearing Marlboro College class at no charge. See the Non-Degree Application form for a list of approved courses.

Part-time Non-Degree Seeking students are charged per credit, while Non-Degree Auditors pay a $500 fee per course. Please note, financial aid is not available for any part-time students.

For Non-Degree Seeking students

For Non-Degree Auditors

Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions about the Non-Degree Seeking student application process: 800-343-0049.

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