Visiting Marlboro

Undergraduate Studies

Marlboro College's setting in rural southern Vermont provides students with space for quiet contemplation as well as myriad opportunities for outdoor recreation. With 17 miles of on-campus trails and the nearby Green Mountain National Forest, students have easy access to hiking, mountain biking, skiing, caving, climbing, and kayaking (among other activities). Travel to Brattleboro, Boston, New York City, and other regional communities is also a popular option.

Use the calendar to plan the visit that is best for you.

Graduate and Professional Studies

f you're interested in joining one of our graduate programs, the best way to see if we're a good fit for you is to come for a visit.  Unlike many schools, where open houses are intended to give prospective students a facsimile of the "student experience," we believe in giving candidates a more valuable experience by having them join us during a class weekend.

Contact Matt Livingston, Director of Graduate Admissions, at (888) 258-5665 x209.

You can check our calendar page to see which Friday or Saturday will work best for you but please note that different programs sometimes meet on different weekends.