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daniella_martinGirl Meets Bug

"The majority of the world's cultures eat bugs. Americans are in the minority," Daniella tells the hosts of the nationally syndicated daytime television program, The Doctors, as they look askance at her "bug buffet" of garlic-crusted cricket salsa, wasabi-glazed moth larvae party snacks and citrus scorpion endive appetizers. But one of the doctors gamely samples each of the items in this segment about protein sources.

Daniella's fascination with insect cuisine began while conducting anthropological fieldwork in the Yucatan, Mexico. This was part of her Plan of Concentration exploring medical anthropology and is now her online cooking/travel show, Girl Meets Bug.

Her dream is to increase public awareness and acceptance of edible insects, with the ultimate goals of helping to solve world hunger, support indigenous people, and reduce pesticide use with this cheap, eco-friendly source of protein.


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