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NewsEmily Anderson, Senior Speaker

I think we are all facing the world with a mix of boldness and timidity. Marlboro consumed us for the last four years - we have been uncomfortably mashed together since freshmen year and as time went by the temperature rose. We outgrew the available space but could not squeeze ourselves out and away. Today we are being spat out onto what we like to call the real world. Pack up and get out by 4:00. Marlboro is already our past and I think most of us are more then ready for that. We have all changed, not necessarily because of Marlboro time is the real culprit. We isolated ourselves here, allowed ourselves time to delve into our own mundane worlds and it drove most of us nuts.

However, many events this year have shown us that we are held accountable, not just as individuals in our everyday life but also as a part of a larger group regardless of whether or not we support it. We must turn our over-stimulated minds onto the world and see ourselves as a nation whether we like it or not. It is intimidating to realize that we are responsible for our fellow Americans rather than just the people of the Marlboro Community. We will be held accountable for actions that are out of our control; we will be recognized in history for things we know nothing of. Do not let yourself become comfortable or absorbed the way we have been here; our comfort let us stand by during a Presidential coup, our absorption let us stand down as we attacked Afghanistan. Every day, people become hungrier and poorer, corporations get larger, forests are broken down, and more babies are born.

My friend and classmate Aaron said recently in passing that he wasn't sure if he should be studying law or learning to make fishing poles or fires or shoes, something like that that would teach him to survive. But desperation will be a great teacher; it is the ease of our world that will kill us. As we do, generations before us saw themselves as the pinnacle of change, the ones who would go forth and change the world, would really make a difference. Like them we do not see life as easy, every person has their own difficulties and their own achievements. People like Melanie who successfully combined a full time job, motherhood and plan work, and Thomas whose artwork touched us all, graduate with us despite all the hardship thrown in their way. Today we are sharing an achievement. We did something great and definitely worthwhile. Now we can take the dedication and passion we put into our plans and direct it towards all of our future endeavors. 2002 - so many dynamos.

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