Marlboro College

NewsPlans of Concentration 2002

The Plan of Concentration is the cornerstone of Marlboro College’s academic program. It is an in-depth, self-designed exploration of a field or fields of each student’s choosing. The Plan culminates in a major independent project involving research, one-to-one study with faculty in tutorials and a two-to-three-hour oral examination with Marlboro faculty and an outside examiner who is an expert in the student’s field. Bachelor of arts and science degrees in international studies are granted in association with the School for International Training to students who complete the additional requirements of the World Studies Program, which includes a six- to eight-month cross-cultural internship. This booklet briefly describes the Plan of Concentration and Plan project of each Marlboro graduate. We proudly offer congratulations to Marlboro’s graduating class of 2002.

Skye Harvest Allen

Bachelor of Arts - LITERATURE/Russian

A study in literature focusing on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Albert Camus with supporting work on the philosopher Richard Rorty. An exploration of ethical and moral questions within selected works, with emphasis on the question, “If there is no God and no absolutes, how then can the individual survive to create meaning, justify knowledge and live morally?”
Project: A paper in three chapters exploring the limits of faith in Dostoevsky’s novels The Idiot, The Brothers Karamazov, and Demons. Supporting papers on Albert Camus and Richard Rorty.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, James E Thomas, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Peter Hawkins, Boston College

Emily Elizabeth Anderson

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY/African Studies

Building a Nation from Graves: An investigation of four centuries of power struggles created by the colonization of South Africa, focusing on issues relating to the Khoikhoi nation.
Project: Three papers: The first examines the destruction of the Khoikhoi nation by the Dutch as a specific case of “first contact” between Europeans and indigenous people. The second examines the development of the Afrikaans language and the turmoil that resulted from denying the indigenous contribution to its development. The third discusses the disappearance of the Khoikhoi nation as a result of false labeling, racial hierarchies and as an attempt to continue resisting colonization.
Sponsors: Timothy F Little, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Sean Redding, Amherst College

Edward Augustyn

Bachelor of Arts - ANTHROPOLOGY & DANCE/Ethnographic Studies

A broad study of the social sciences and humanities with an emphasis on current ethnographic methods and writing in anthropology, as well as an exploration of choreography.
Project: A paper that explores the embodiment of identity within beginning and retiring dancers through theoretical studies of “place,” Bordieu’s “habitus,” and Lave and Wengers’s “situated learning.” Original choreographic work and a personal essay.
Sponsors: Carol E Hendrickson, Dana Holby, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Jeffrey Bliss, Artist/Educator

Colin Winters Bayly

Bachelor of Arts - LITERATURE & WRITING/Creative

A study of narrative in American literature with a focus on the novels of Henry James.
Project: A major paper that examines the center of consciousness in selected novels of Henry James; a supporting paper on Ivan Turgenev and his influence on James. A paper that explores the influence of Henry James on James Merrill, which introduces a collection of original poetry.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, T Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: David Littlefield, Middlebury College

Lauren Elise Beigel


An ecological and literary examination of agricultural land use in the American tropics with an emphasis on Guatemala.
Project: Two papers. The first examines the ecological principles of agroforestry systems in the American tropics with a case study on Peten, Guatemala. The second explores spiritual and physical interaction with the land in Miguel Angel Asturia’s Hombres de Maíz.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Beth A Kaplin, Antioch New England Graduate School

Erich Otto Bennar

Bachelor of Arts - SOCIOLOGY/Gothology & COMPUTER SCIENCE

An exploration of the social-psychological significance of gothic subculture using subculture theory, developmental psychology, reflexive sociology, media and communication studies, history, fashion theory and film, music and literary criticism.
Project: Three papers. A methodological analysis, an autobiography, a theoretical exploration of the subculture; a research Website.
Sponsors: Gerald E Levy, Mark Francillon
Outside Evaluator: William Brooke-deBock, Kaplan College

Kelly Jean Bergstrand

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - POLITICAL SCIENCE & ECONOMICS

A study of political science and economics with a focus on the international political economy.
Project: A two-part examination of the Bretton Woods institutions, their historical development and contemporary challenges. The first paper investigates the Bretton Woods Conference and the creation and early history of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The second paper examines issues of trade and the environment in the World Trade Organization.
Internship: London, United Kingdom
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, James A Tober
Outside Evaluator: Gregory White, Smith College

Jennifer Lynn Bilodeau

Bachelor of Arts - PSYCHOLOGY & DANCE/Movement Analysis

An integration of movement analysis and dance studies with a psychological perspective on the mind and body’s gestures, habits and patterns in human development.
Project: Two papers. The first is an overview of gestures, habits and patterns of the developing “self” from a psychological perspective. The second is on dance studies in support of movement analysis. The third part of the project is teaching and writing on Contact Improvisation and facilitating a self-generated and documented workshop titled “Moving Amalgamation.” The fourth part is a presentation/lecture-workshop presented in a documented video format on movement analysis as a process for performance and understanding developing self-concepts.
Sponsors: Dana Holby, Thomas L Toleno, Snow Johnson
Outside Evaluator: Heidi Ehrenreich, Dance Movement Therapist

Bruce Cole Bryan

Bachelor of Science - BIOLOGY/Evolutionary Biology

An investigation into evolutionary processes focusing on systems and mechanisms that display genetic conflict.
Project: Three papers. The first presents original lab work investigating meiotic drive mechanisms in Drosophila simulans with specific emphasis on their relation to hybrid male sterility. The second reviews the origins, evolution and implications of uniparental inheritance of organelle genomes. The third examines the concept of natural units in relation to the concept of natural populations.
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Robert E Engel
Outside Evaluator: Richard Lewontin, Harvard University

Rebekah Frances Cantor

Bachelor of Arts - ART HISTORY/Public Art

An examination of public art using an expanded notion of site-specificity, including integrating themes of historical consciousness and collective identity, that serves to clarify the important cultural context of the public art process.
Project: A paper exploring public art with concepts that allow understanding of the cultural context in which public art exists.
Sponsors: Felicity Ratte, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Patricia Phillips, SUNY, New Paltz

Heather Marie Carter

Bachelor of Arts - THEATER

A study of theater arts that investigates physical theater methods by focusing on the ideas and practices of theatricians Jacques Lecoq and Anne Bogart. Special attention through research and performance is given to non-text-based modes of generating what is acknowledged as “meaning.” Secondary studies of technical theater culminate in three lighting designs for Marlboro College productions and an analytical paper of the design process.
Project: The performance of a production-based adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Act Without Words I, entitled “Just Play,” which uses physical theater methods to develop the presentation style. The performance is based on the construction of meaning kinetically, without the use of text or vocalization to communicate.
Sponsors: Paul D Nelsen, Eric Bass
Outside Evaluator: Mara Sabinson, Dartmouth College

Erin Jade Casey

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS & WRITING/Fiction

An exploration of themes of identity and communication in visual art and creative writing with supporting research on visual poetry.
Project: A portfolio of artists’ books and fiction writing and a research paper on visual poetry, focusing on the Canadian poet B.P. Nichol.
Sponsor: Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Kenneth D Leslie, Johnson State College

Carrie Kathleen Cleveland

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY

A study of the roots of fascism.
Project: A series of essays looking at the origin of fascism in Italy with emphasis on the debate between ideology and circumstance, and on the roles that World War I and the myth of national regeneration played in the development of fascism.
Sponsor: Timothy F Little
Outside Evaluator: Daniel Connerton, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Hannah Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY/Irish

An exploration of Irish republicanism and Irish nationalism in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Project: Two papers on various aspects of Irish republicanism and nationalism. The first examines three centuries of Irish history, studying the ways in which British policy created Irish nationalism and physical force republican groups. The second is a more detailed look at republicanism in the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing on the Home Rule Party, the Fenians, and Sinn Fein.
Sponsor: Timothy F Little
Outside Evaluator: Paul Cullity, Keene State College

John Alexander Coakley

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY/Education & SOCIOLOGY

A broad study of American educational history, exploring the themes of progress, industrialism and morality through the mediating link between school and society.
Project: The shifting uses of the intellectual and societal forces are explored in the history of schooling from the moral ideology of the early common schools to the corporatism of post-Civil War school management and university building. A technical notion of progress emerges in a sociology of the technological system in modern American schools. A liberating example is offered in the design of a school intending to re-qualify progress and society as human.
Sponsors: Timothy F Little, Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: James Nehring, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School

Timothy James Collins

Bachelor of Arts - THEATER

The creation and performance of solo theater, from writing, directing and performance to marketing and publicity.
Project: The WreckAge, a one-hour show consisting of four original monologues. Two papers: “Solo Voices in Urban Darkness,” a study of three solo artists in the late 1990s, and “The Creation and Performance of Solo Theater,” a study of the execution of solo performance.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Paul D Nelsen
Outside Evaluator: Deborah Lubar, Independent Artist, Actor, Writer, Freelance Teacher

Rachel Bannister DuPont

Bachelor of Arts - BIOCHEMISTRY/Immunology

A study of the human immune system examining bacterial infections, the overuse of antibiotics and the increasing development of antibiotic resistance. Emphasis is given to bacteriophages as an alternative therapy for bacterial infections and as candidates for future vaccine development.
Project: Two papers. The first examines the history and process behind the development of bacteriophage therapeutics. The second describes laboratory work at the University of Pittsburgh to develop a bacteriophage-based vaccine for M. tuberculosis.
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Robert E Engel
Outside Evaluator: Anthony R Poteete, University of Massachusetts Medical School

John Fedorowicz

Bachelor of Arts - FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Media Studies and Hip-Hop Culture

An exploration into the rise of hip-hop culture and media and its effect on urban youth.
Project: A series of media pieces that focuses on expressions of cultural ideals centered around hip-hop music and culture.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Felicity Ratte
Outside Evaluator: Matt Soar, Hampshire College

Mark Joseph Folino

Bachelor of Arts - FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Screenwriting

An exploration of the subjective experience of soldiers in Vietnam through the writing of a documentary research paper and the development and production of an original screenplay. Also, the writing of two screenplays exploring themes of love, hate, violence and humor as experienced by contemporary characters.
Project: The development, writing and production of an original screenplay about soldiers in the field during the Vietnam War, an independent feature film, a documentary paper on the effects of the war on Vietnam veterans and a short screenplay.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Timothy F Little
Outside Evaluator: Ken Peck, Bennington College

Rachael Ann Frank

Bachelor of Arts - FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Genre Theory

A study of genre theory with particular focus on the importance and influence of audience and consumerism.
Project: Three papers and one screenplay. One paper explores genre theory as it applies to film; one explores female characters in horror films; and the other explores the horror genre in depth. The screenplay demonstrates an active awareness of its genre, horror, through metanarrative.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Jay Craven
Outside Evaluator: Stephen Bissette, Comic Book Artist, Film Critic

Rebecca Marie Gembarowski

Bachelor of Arts - DANCE & WRITING

An investigation into the process of creating moving visual images and personal essays using family history to generate material.
Project: A mixed-media dance performance; personal and expository essays.
Sponsors: Dana Holby, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Wendy Dwyer, Franklin Pierce College

Elizabeth Ann Gillett

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - LANGUAGES/German and Swedish & CULTURAL HISTORY

A study of German and Swedish cultural practices through languages, folktales and children’s education.
Project: Translation of representative tales in German and Swedish with supporting papers on the theory and practice of translation, fairy tales as moral instruction and fairy tale illustrations as expressions of national identity.
Internship: Gottingen, Germany, and Enkoping, Sweden
Sponsors: Edmund M Brelsford, Dana P Howell, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Catherine O’Callaghan, Community College of Vermont

Eleanor Margaret Gillis

Bachelor of Arts - PHYSICS & PHILOSOPHY

A study of the problem of measurement in quantum mechanics and its relation to philosophy of science through the 20th century.
Project: Two papers. The first is an examination into the measurement problem and its relation to the shift in philosophy of science between the first and latter halves of the 20th century. The second is an investigation into specific instances of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics.
Sponsors: James H Mahoney, James E Thomas
Outside Evaluator: Travis Norsen, University of Wasington

Melanie Gottlieb

Bachelor of Arts - AMERICAN STUDIES & HISTORY/Higher Education

An exploration of the growth of the American system of higher education with a focus on federal influences and curricular change.
Project: Two papers discussing pivotal points in the history of higher education in the United States. The first examines curricular expansion in the 19th century. The second explores federal influence on higher educational access, curriculum and goals during the post-World War II era.
Sponsor: Kathryn E Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Marcia Roe, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Megan Pearson Gray

Bachelor of Arts - MUSIC

A study through performance of French song from the medieval period through the 20th century, and an ethnomusicological exploration of Tibetan Buddhist ritual chanting and throat singing.
Project: Two voice recitals and one paper. The first recital comprises art songs of Reynaldo Hahn and Gabriel Faure. The second comprises medieval and Renaissance French songs. The paper focuses on ritual chanting in Tibetan Buddhist culture and secular throat singing.
Sponsors: Luis C Batlle, Bataa Mishigish, Stanley Charkey
Outside Evaluator: Robert Merfeld, Pianist

Shana Kathleen Hall

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS/Photography

An investigation of personal history, memory and identity through photographic and written work.
Project: A photographic exhibit focusing on familial relationships. A paper examining the photograph as a tool to document personal history and recall memory.
Sponsors: John Willis, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Abigail Heyman, Independent Artist

Megan Hayward Hamilton


A study of U.S. women writers, with attention to their social and historical contexts.
Project: An exploration of several works by 20th century U.S. women writers with emphasis on representations of marriage and community.
Sponsors: Kathryn E Ratcliff, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Randall Knoper, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Chamberlain Harker

Bachelor of Science - PHYSICS

A study of quantum physics using original computer simulations and historical readings.
Project: Computer simulation of solutions of the two-dimensional Schrodinger equation. Computer simulation of elementary scenarios in quantum field theory.
Sponsor: James H Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Travis Norsen, University of Washington

Theodore Noel Hellmuth, Jr.

Bachelor of Arts - FILM/VIDEO STUDIES

An examination of the unique possibilities of changing cinematic mediums.
Project: A 16mm film utilizing various cinematic styles, storytelling methods and film stocks, accompanied by live original music.
Sponsor: Jay Craven
Outside Evaluator: Ted Lyman, University of Vermont

Katherine Ariel Hollander

Bachelor of Arts - WRITING/Poetry & LITERATURE & HISTORY

A collection of original poems drawing on an exploration of the interaction of imagination with history, language, politics and empathy through a study of the roles of the imagined and the actual in the poetry of Randall Jarrell and through a study of conceptions of history and revolution in Germany’s Weimar Republic.
Project: The first paper examines Jarrell’s use of imagination, vernacular and empathy in poems using the personae of children, women and soldiers to achieve what Seamus Heaney terms “a redress of poetry.” The second paper focuses on the interaction between social democratic ideology and action. The collection of poems draws on elements from both studies to move into places of imagination, empathy and political life as both “participant” and historian.
Sponsors: T Hunter Wilson, Timothy F Little
Outside Evaluator: David Huddle, University of Vermont

Gretchen S Jaeger

Bachelor of Arts - THEATER & SOCIOLOGY

An exploration of theater as a medium for examining and expressing representations and mediations of “identity” in the post-modern world, with supporting work in sociology.
Project: An original adaptation and production of George Orwell’s 1984 (and other historical sources) and a series of papers exploring the “manipulation of conflict” since 1948.
Sponsors: Paul D Nelsen, Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: Leonard Berkman, Smith College

Jeremy Joseph Kacik


An exploration of performance dynamics on stage and screen and the critical choices registered by actor and director in entertaining and instructing an audience.
Project: Two scripts, one filmed and one staged, linked to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth, exploring the relationship between performer and audience.
Sponsors: Paul D Nelsen, Jay Craven
Outside Evaluator: Leonard Berkman, Smith College

Rachael Darlene Kassner


A study of political economy with a focus on the post-World War II Labor Movement in the United States.
Project: Two papers: An exploration of the effects of deregulation on U.S. labor and an examination of labor as a grassroots movement. A supporting paper on international political economy.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, James A Tober, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Valerie Voorheis, School for International Training

Patricia Brooke Kerschbaumer

Bachelor of Arts - PSYCHOLOGY/Organizational Behavior

An in-depth study of psychology focusing on development and motivation expressed both in children and adults. In addition, the luxury leisure market used as a model environment in which developmental and competitive trends are illustrated.
Project: Four Papers.
Sponsor: Thomas L Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Jan E Dizard, Amherst College

Aaron James Kisicki

Bachelor of Arts - POLITICAL SCIENCE/Legal Studies

A study of U.S. federalism through an examination of historical and contemporary constitutional issues.
Project: Three papers. The first outlines the history of the commerce clause in relation to federalism and judicial activism. The second examines the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 and its implications on civil rights. The third discusses the legal pragmatism of Oliver Wendell Holmes and its place in contemporary jurisprudence. The project also includes a comprehensive constitutional law written examination.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Christopher Serkin, Davis, Polk, & Wardwell

Anna G Lubiner


A historical and sociological study of social welfare in the United States.
Project: Two papers. The first is an examination of the roots of the modern welfare state in the New Deal Era. The second explores the 1996 Welfare Reform Act and its consequences.
Sponsors: Kathryn E Ratcliff, Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: Valerie Voorheis, School for International Training

Ivan Michael Ludmer

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY/Europe & POLITICAL SCIENCE/Political Theory

An inquiry into the nature of the sovereignty exercised by the European Union.
Project: A series of investigations into the theoretical underpinnings and forebears of the European Union. Specific topics include: the Second World War and European reconstruction, the European Union’s internal sovereignty: biopower and the public sphere, European Union: expansion through networks, and the imperial tradition of the European Union.
Sponsors: Timothy F Little, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Nicholas Xenos, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Thomas Ryan MacMillan

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS/Photography and Painting

An examination of the way images communicate in art and media culture using original artwork and media theory.
Project: An exhibition of photographs and paintings investigating the use of visual language as a means of understanding identity and experience. A paper analyzing the use of news photographs in the construction of ideology.
Sponsors: John Willis, Cathy Osman, Carol E Hendrickson, Felicity Ratte
Outside Evaluator: Tom Young, Greenfield Community College

Heather-Jean MacNeil

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - BIOLOGY/Ethnobotany

A study in the biological sciences with a focus on ecology and plant biology as it relates to applied ethnobotany and sustainability in tropical ecosystems.
Project: Two papers. The first examines the ecological implications of extraction on tropical ecosystems. The second investigates harvesting wild species as a conservation strategy for sustainability in the tropics.
Internship: Esmeraldes Province, Ecuador
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, James A Tober
Outside Evaluator: Tim Keating, Greenpeace & Rainforest Relief

Merrall III MacNeille

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS/Woodworking

A study of the wood infilled metal hand plane. Apprenticeship with Karl Hotley, Finmere, England.
Project: Four hand planes: plough, two shoulder planes, and a smoother.
Sponsor: Timothy J Segar
Outside Evaluator: Garrett Hack, Author, Craftsman

Christopher Loureiro Mahoney

Bachelor of Arts - MUSIC/Composition for Film and Theater

A study of music composition with a primary emphasis on film scores.
Project: A paper and several original compositions for film and theater. The paper examines the influence of Richard Strauss’s tone poem “Don Quixote” on Erich W. Korngold’s early work for solo piano “Don Quixote.” The original compositions include one score for a silent experimental film, scores for narrative films with dialogue and sound design for the spring theater faculty production of Ulysses.
Sponsor: Stanley Charkey
Outside Evaluator: Paul Dedell, Composer

Mark Carl Malool

Bachelor of Arts - PHILOSOPHY

A study of faith in the philosophies of Kant and Nietzsche.
Project: A series of papers addressing the reactions of Kant and Nietzsche to skepticism’s effects on morality and religious faith.
Sponsor: Neal O Weiner
Outside Evaluator: Bret Halpern, Bennington College

Daniella Forest Martin

Bachelor of Arts - ANTHROPOLOGY

An exploration of topics in medical anthropology with an area focus on Mexico.
Project: Two papers. The first examines traditional medicine in Mexico. The second considers nutritional and cultural aspects of pre-Columbian food.
Sponsor: Carol E Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Abigail Adams, Central Connecticut State University

Jodina Shary Meehan

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS/Painting & WRITING/Fiction

A study of the division of consciousness between inner and outer perceptions represented in painting and writing.
Project: An exhibition of paintings. A collection of short fiction. A paper discussing division of consciousness represented in fiction and painting.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, T Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: Grant Drumheller, University of New Hampshire

Kate Hanley Merrigan

Bachelor of Arts - AMERICAN STUDIES/Gender Studies

A study of organized feminism in the United States with an emphasis on the politics of sisterhood and the ongoing problem of difference.
Project: Three papers. The first examines the political strategies of radical feminism with attention to internal organizational conflict. Two supporting papers continue this exploration in later years of the women’s movement, focusing on the feminist sexuality debates.
Sponsor: Kathryn E Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Joyce Berkman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kate Antoinette Tardif Merrill

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS

An analysis of subject and object in photography, film, drawing and installation, consisting of an exhibition and a paper on the influence of photographer Francesca Woodman.
Project: A multi-media gallery exhibit that displays photographs, installations, works on paper and experimental film.
Sponsors: John Willis, Cathy Osman, Timothy J Segar, Felicity Ratte
Outside Evaluator: Ann Fessler, Rhode Island School of Design

Carolyn Jean Murphy

Bachelor of Arts - PHOTOGRAPHY/Cultural Studies

An exploration of imagery from media, news and advertising.
Project: A body of artwork exploring appropriation of media imagery and placing it in a different context. A paper analyzing visual imagery in advertising as well as the artwork of Cindy Sherman.
Sponsors: John Willis, Felicity Ratte
Outside Evaluator: Justin Kimball, Amherst College

R Andrew Murray

Bachelor of Arts - POLITICAL SCIENCE

A study of the methods and concepts of the social scientist Max Weber directed toward the analysis of Ayn Rand and the Objectivist Movement.
Project: Two papers and a Website. The first paper is a Weberian analysis of Ayn Rand and the Objectivist Movement of contemporary American society. The second is a consideration of Rand’s narrative of Frank Lloyd Wright in the context of 20th century architectural history. The Website examines Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence on Rand’s Howard Roark in The Fountainhead.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: C J Churchill, St Thomas Aquinas College

Kyle Ellen Nuse

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - DANCE & ANTHROPOLOGY

An exploration of dance, race and gender in Brazil, drawing on materials from an internship in Salvador, Bahia.
Project: A multi-media performance art collaboration with dancers, artists and musicians, influenced and inspired by first-hand experiences of Brazilian politics and society while on internship.
Internship: Salvador, Brazil
Sponsors: Dana Holby, Carol E Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Elsa Borrerro, Photographer, Videographer, Dancer

Marshall C Pahl

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY/Caucasus Studies

A study of the history of the North Caucasus region, focusing on colonial wars between the North Caucasians and Imperial Russia, and on the recent conflicts in the breakaway republic of Chechnya.
Project: Two papers on the history of political organization in North Caucasian society. One focuses on early political organization, and one focuses on contemporary Chechnya.
Sponsor: Dana P Howell
Outside Evaluator: Stephen F Jones, Mount Holyoke College

Heidi Mae Peters

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES/Conservation Biology

A broad exploration of conservation biology focusing on the ecology of edge effects and reserve design for biodiversity conservation in fragmented forest landscapes.
Project: Two papers. The first explores the ecology of edge effects in fragmented tropical rainforests with a case study in tropical northeastern Queensland, Australia. The second examines reserves and reserve design, including a case study of a GAP analysis of northeastern Queensland.
Internship: Queensland, Australia
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Robert E Engel
Outside Evaluator: Rosalind Yanishevsky, Ecologist

Jacquelyn Elizabeth Pillsbury

Bachelor of Arts - PSYCHOLOGY & WRITING

A study of psychology and rhetoric with applications in both academic and autobiographical writing.
Project: A psychological autobiography including (a) a narrative of life history material; (b) an analysis of this material from two distinct traditions in psychology, family systems therapy, with an emphasis on David Schnarch’s Crucible Approach, and the character structure formulations of Karen Horney; and (c) a theoretical and philosophical discussion of the theories employed, exploring the limits of the particular theories and of psychology in general and inferring the positions of the various authors on topics such as individuality, will and ethics.
Sponsors: Thomas L Toleno, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Janine Roberts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Leslie Creighton Plank

Bachelor of Arts - HISTORY

An examination of higher education in the United States since 1944 with an emphasis on small colleges with non-traditional curricula and governance structures.
Project: A paper that relates the history of the first 10 years of the community of Marlboro College and the way in which this community was shaped by its members, using original sources, as available.
Sponsor: Timothy F Little
Outside Evaluator: Daniel Toomey, Landmark College

Zana Prutina

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - POLITICAL SCIENCE/International Relations & ECONOMICS

A study of politics and economics focusing on the questions of American foreign policy and economic transition in the case study of Bosnia.
Project: Two papers. The first examines theoretical approaches to the making of foreign policy, explains decision-making processes of American foreign policy, and analyzes U.S. policy of intervention in Bosnia. The second examines the economic transition from plan to market, focusing on the theory and practice of privatization and its application to the case of Bosnia.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, James A Tober
Outside Evaluator: Steven Burg, Brandeis University

Kerenza Anne Reid

Bachelor of Arts - SOCIOLOGY/Education

A study of the sociology of urban education, using sociology, psychology and educational theory to explore education’s relationship with race and urban areas.
Project: An ethnography exploring the role of race, social theory and educational reform as they affect an alternative summer school program in Baltimore, Maryland.
Sponsor: Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: C J Churchill, St Thomas Aquinas College

Leyea Rajavi Risley

Bachelor of Arts - DANCE & PSYCHOLOGY

The study of the meaning of movement through dance and the study of emotion through psychology.
Project: A performance examining emotion through dance and movement. Two papers. One is an examination of emotion; the other is a study of dance/movement therapy.
Sponsors: Dana Holby, Thomas L Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Heidi Ehrenreich, Dance Movement Therapist

Alexander Stefan Rogalski

Bachelor of Science - MATHEMATICS

A survey of the natural sciences with a focus on mathematics.
Project: Two papers. The first paper reviews Galois theory. The second examines homology and homotopy groups of topological spaces.
Sponsors: Joseph C Mazur, James H Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: James Callahan, Smith College

Alan Bernard Rosenblith

Bachelor of Arts - MUSIC

A study of the history and techniques of music synthesis, music composition and sound design.
Project: A series of compositions and performances in the electronic medium. A supporting paper on the history and development of electronic music.
Sponsor: Stanley Charkey
Outside Evaluator: Richard Boulanger, Berklee College of Music

Michael Anthony Rudokas

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - VISUAL ARTS/Mixed Media & PHILOSOPHY

An exploration of the interface between language and silence that employs both the written word and a visual language.
Project: Three elements. First, a paper that examines emerging discourses post-September 11, incorporating Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language; second, a collection of poetry; and third, a mixed media art exhibit introducing notions of silence through the language of form and materiality.
Internship: Thailand
Sponsors: Timothy J Segar, Meg Mott, John Willis, James E Thomas
Outside Evaluator: Kendall Baker, Caldwell College

Andrew Sandlin


A study of the remembrance of the American Civil War through the use of monuments by southern memorial groups.
Project: A paper on the background of southern memorial groups and a case study of a recent monument in Nashville, Tennessee. An original artist book of photographs and text. A photography exhibit.
Sponsors: Kathryn E Ratcliff, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Anthony Gengarelly, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Brian Schechter


An exploration of progressive movement building, with a focus on theoretical and pragmatic factors.
Project: One non-fiction narrative and two papers. The first paper presents an anatomy of the movement against the prison industrial complex based on field research in Los Angeles. The second paper uses Kantian philosophy to reconcile the ongoing political debate between structural determination and individual agency.
Sponsors: Kathryn E Ratcliff, Neal O Weiner, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Michael Meeropol, Western New England College

Joanne Lynn Schumacher

Bachelor of Science - BIOLOGY & PHILOSOPHY/Ethics

Cellular biochemistry and immunology: the treatment and identification of harmful genetic mutations.
Project: Four papers. The first examines a congenital disease in the canine breed Dalmation. The second reviews nonmyeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for correction of congenital disorders. The third describes original research into the nitrogen metabolism and saxitoxin synthesis of a harmful algal bloom species. The fourth is an introductory exploration of fundamental philosophical questions that pertain to the ethics of treatment and prevention of harmful genetic mutations.
Sponsors: Robert E Engel, Todd Smith, Neal O Weiner
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Spitzer, Massachusetts General Hospital

Julia Catherine Slone

Bachelor of Arts - THEATER/Performance Studies & CULTURAL HISTORY

An exploration of liminality and transformation in performance, and the process of creating theater.
Project: The collaborative creation of an original physical theater piece, with supporting performance work in women’s choral direction, and a paper exploring liminality and transformation in creative theater process.
Sponsors: Eric Bass, Susan Klein, Dana P Howell
Outside Evaluator: John Fiscella, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Nikki Denise South

Bachelor of Arts - AMERICAN STUDIES/Literature

A study of the popular novel in the United States from the 19th century to the present with an emphasis on gender and the formation of reading communities.
Project: An examination of the novels and readers of Oprah’s Book Club, with a supporting study of 19th century popular novels by women.
Sponsors: Kathryn E Ratcliff, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Lise Sanders, Hampshire College

Paula Carleen Sperry


An exploration of the cultural construction of gender in Latin America, with a focus on machismo and feminist movements.
Project: Two papers. The first considers changing concepts of machismo. The second compares feminist movements in Chile and Nicaragua.
Sponsors: Carol E Hendrickson, Gerald E Levy
Outside Evaluator: Abigail Adams, Central Connecticut State University

Jessamyn Stylos-Allan

Bachelor of Arts - LITERATURE/Storytelling and Oral Tradition

An exploration of storytelling and the hero within two oral traditions: The heroic epic tradition and the American folk music tradition.
Project: An exploration of the way in which Homer uses different narrative perspectives to discuss issues and nomoi of his society while keeping the plot rooted in the hero and his life.
Sponsors: Laura C Stevenson, Emily Pillinger
Outside Evaluator: Michael Hutcheson, Landmark College

Carlye Maude Woodard

Bachelor of Arts - PHOTOGRAPHY

The photographic documentation of an alternative religious community and the challenges and difficulties of this visual representation.
Project: An exhibit of photographs and text exploring a communal religious lifestyle, and a book of accompanying photographs and text.
Sponsor: John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Bill Burke, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Clara Wootton

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS & PHOTOGRAPHY/Book Arts

An examination of how image and format function within the discipline of photography and the book arts.
Project: A series of photographs and hand-made books, complemented by papers on Dorothea Lange’s photograph “Migrant Mother” and the evolution of cameras.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Ann Fessler, Rhode Island School of Design

Russell Barron Wootton

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS

A comparison of visual storytelling through the ages, through an examination of art forms such as painting, sculpture, and illustration from different eras, including the modern art forms of film, motion graphics and animation. An in-depth examination of 3-D animation to determine its place in the art world in relation to other mediums.
Project: A short animated film titled “Actalan,” which comments on how different cultures interact. The film is presented along with prints of promotional art and an exhibit of the steps involved.
Sponsors: Timothy J Segar, Jay Craven
Outside Evaluator: Tom Haxo, Hampshire College

Christopher John Wray

Bachelor of Arts - VISUAL ARTS & RELIGION

A study in the visual arts and religion exploring images of the goddess as used in popular devotion, both in the ancient Mediterranean and in India today.
Project: An exhibit of paintings depicting different goddess forms based on sketches done while traveling to sites in India, Nepal, Turkey and Greece. A supporting paper considering the significance of feminine divinity in ancient Greek culture and in India, with particular attention to the Tantric tradition. A review of original paintings in relation to contemporary interest in the goddess.
Sponsors: Timothy J Segar, James E Thomas
Outside Evaluator: John Gibson, Smith College and Rhode Island School of Design

Shaina Kate Zura

Bachelor of Arts - PSYCHOLOGY

An examination of gifted children and their experience in contemporary American society.
Project: Three papers. The first is a psychological analysis of the gifted child in relation to familial, educational and societal structures. The second explores the gifted child’s developmental experience through theoretical evidence and practical observation. The final paper examines the Montessori method as a means to psychological well being for the gifted child.
Sponsors: Thomas L Toleno, Snow Johnson, Carol E Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Talu Robertson, Antioch Graduate School

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