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Nicholas C. F. Barber

Nicholas Barber, your friendship with Marlboro College began in 1963, when upon obtaining a Double First in Greats from Wadham College, Oxford, you accepted our invitation to travel to the United States as the first Classics Fellow at this small liberal arts college that was younger even than you. During that year, you taught Greek and Latin languages, and Greek and Roman civilization. You also distinguished yourself as a skilled orator in the Marlboro community, by all reports played a mean game of soccer and sparked campus life from your tiny room atop Hendricks House.

You went on to earn an MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, and commenced a life rich in service to the worlds of business, technology, education and history. You have lived in Japan, China and Hong Kong, leading to your role as CEO of Ocean Group, a major international shipping and logistics company. You have joined boards in banking, shipping, insurance and internet commerce. Your global perspective has served you well in your roles on the boards of many organizations, such as the Ashmolean Museum, Britain's oldest public museum of art and archaeology, the British Museum, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, and the Royal Society of Arts. Queen Elizabeth recognized your strong commitment to heritage by awarding you Commander of the Order of the British Empire and including you on her 2004 Birthday Honors List.

In 1998, you undertook another important role for Marlboro: guiding our first educational partnership abroad as chairman of the board of directors of Huron University USA in London. Though that partnership has now ended, we learned much about such ventures and are grateful to you for your passionate leadership.

It is our pleasure to welcome you back to Potash Hill and to confer upon you the degree:

Doctor of Humane Letters, Honorary

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