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The morning of Sunday, May 18, 2008 will be remembered as a glorious one for more than the sunny, blue skies over Potash Hill's verdant landscape. It was a morning that saw 74 young adults honored for the tremendous achievement of completing their Plans of Concentration and receiving their degrees.

Commencements can be bittersweet in a small community like Marlboro College. Profound relationships are formed between students, faculty and administration. For President Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, this graduating class was especially meaningful as it was also the first incoming freshman class she received in her tenure.

Her remarks, as well as those by commencement speaker Frank Bryan and senior speaker Aimee Davidson, centered around the values of a small college that forge strong relationships akin to a sense of 'home,' and the importance of carrying that feeling over into future endeavors.


DVDs of Commencement 2008 are available for $15.00. To order, email Teresa Storti or call her at 802-258-9273.




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