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News Valediction by Andrew Singer, Classics Fellow

andrew singer


multi ex vobis opera mecum fecistis; plures amici sunt. optima opera, nuper perfecta, sunt documento altae regulae animi in hoc collegio. vos laudo. inter se iuvantes per ipsa amicitia communitatem veram fecistis, quae imagines superstat et vero nobis profuit.

sed qui docet ipse discit. multa per vestrum exemplum didici: attente audire; creare; in omnes res inquire. nunc iter nobis expertis facendum est. ut dixit Horatius, ‘dimidium facti qui coepit habet; sapere aude; incipe!' ergo uno tempore procedamus; incipiamus!

A Valediction
In Praise of Marlboro Seniors
Commencement, 16th May 2010

I have worked with many of you, many more I know as friends. Your fine projects, recently completed, are testament to the high intellectual standards of the community. I praise you. Through supporting one-another, by your very friendship, you have created a true community, which exceeds ideals, and has enriched us all.

But he who teaches also learns. By your example I have learned a great deal: to listen carefully, to be creative and to value inquiry into all matters. With this experience we must now take the next step. As the poet Horace once said, 'He who has made a start has accomplished half of the task; dare to be wise; begin.' Therefore let us go forth together and commence!


photo by Jeff Woodward

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