Marlboro College

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(Poem read by Verandah Porche, composed of words spelled from the letters in Marlboro College)

Come Marlboro
Regale me
A carol rag or raga
Combo  bell oboe cello 

O beagle camel cobra eagle
Lamb mare orca ram
Clog  cram gambol merge
Corral me

O  regal crag
O local acre
Arbor all abloom
Corm corolla raceme
Robe me 

Recall a role a gal a gable
Romeo  cameo
Ogre oracle 

O Marlboro
Color meager ego 
Cerebral Glamor  Rebel Grace 
Able Labor   Care Galore
Become me  

O era rare
Omega amber ember 
Grab a gem
Ramble gleam 

O global marble
Embargo gloom
Be Marlboro.



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