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Tutorials are a key component of the Marlboro College curriculum. Typically they are reserved for juniors and seniors undertaking advanced work on a subject outside the standard course offerings and are offered for variable credit determined by the faculty member and student in consultation.

The basis of tutorial work depends on students taking charge of a subject, preparing for and leading a weekly meeting with the faculty member and completing a piece of research or production. Success in tutorial work is a key step toward the completion of the Plan of Concentration.

Tutorials take many forms depending on the subject matter and the number of students involved. In February, 2009, Marlboro assembled faculty from the various disciplines to discuss how they structure tutorials and how they work with students.

Meg Mott - Political Theory tutorials


Seth Harter - Asian Studies tutorials


Tim Segar - Visual Arts tutorials


Jennifer Ramstetter - Science and Math tutorials

Tim Little - History of Marlboro College tutorials


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