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12/12/00 Fledgling Films to Get Serious Look In Boston Premiere
12/02/00 Marlboro College Presents "Solo Theatre Works"
11/20/00 Marlboro College Students Present Fall Film Fest
11/20/00 "Justapostion" presented at Marlboro College
11/17/00 Marlboro Women's Chorus Presents "Synesthesia"
11/17/00 Dr. Michael Curtis to Speak at Marlboro College
11/16/00 Teacher, Musician Returns to Marlboro
11/16/00 Student of Men's Studies to Graduate from Marlboro College
11/16/00 Marlboro College Welcomes New Asian Studies Professor
11/16/00 Ugandan's Experiences at Marlboro is Topic of Faculty Forum Lecture
11/13/00 Panel Discussion on "Senses of Place"
11/13/00 David Mamet's "Glenngarry Glenn Ross" Comes to Marlboro College
11/13/00 "Conference of the Birds" Comes to Marlboro College
11/06/00 Marlboro Students and Faculty Travel to Cuba
10/30/00 Marlboro College Announces Technology Center
10/25/00 El Salvador in the Eye of the Beholder Presented at Marlboro College
10/25/00 Delegation of Marlboro College Students Joins World March
10/25/00 Marlboro College Welcomes New Library Director
10/23/00 New Assistant Director of Admissions
10/09/00 Catamount Folklore is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
10/09/00 Raphael Trio Performs "The Complete Trios by Beethoven"
9/27/00 Sandglass Theater Presents "The Pig Act"
9/27/00 Raphael Trio Performs "The Complete Trios by Beethoven"
9/27/00 Founder of "New Historicism" Speaks at Marlboro College
9/26/00 Marlboro College Hosts a Fall Series of Faculty Forums
9/15/00 Filmmaker Jay Craven and Students Present "The Gag Reflex" at Marlboro College
9/15/00 Marlboro College Presents First of Five Mozart Sonata Concerts
9/15/00 Paul Zaloom Presents "Velvetville" at Marlboro College
9/13/00 Landscape Prints on Exhibit at Marlboro College
9/13/00 The "Marlboro Musical" Makes Some Noise at Marlboro College
9/11/00 Marlboro Hosts Musical Cabaret "It Isn't Nice"
9/7/00 Gubernatorial Candidate Pollina Offers Informal Chat at Marlboro College
9/7/00 Marlboro Presents "The Five Canticles of Benjamin Britten"
8/21/00 Recent Paintings" by Linn Bruce in Drury Gallery Aug. 29-Sept. 24
8/21/00 Sixty-Eight Students Earn Master's Degrees from The Persons School of Marlboro College
5/9/00 Rep. Bernie Sanders Will Address Graduates at Marlboro's 53rd Commencement
4/26/00 Marlboro College Student Performs Bach and Beethoven
4/25/00 Marlboro Presents Student Work Exhibits
4/25/00 A Marlboro College Persons School Grant Will Train Teachers, Provide Technology for BUHS and Leland & Gray
4/18/00 New York Underground Connection with DJ Smash comes to Marlboro College
4/17/00 "Peasant of El Salvador" Presented at Marlboro College
4/12/00 Marlboro College Presents "Ten By Teens" Film Festival
4/12/00 Innocence Mission Performs Folk-Rock Music at Marlboro
4/12/00 Images of Guatemala on Exhibit at Marlboro
4/5/00 "Re-Reading and Re-Presenting Shakespeare" is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
4/5/00 Marlboro Hosts Readings by Cooper and Kafka
4/5/00 Marlboro Students Present Play Adaptation of "1984"
4/5/00 Marlboro Lecture Focuses on Mexican Pottery and Environmental Issues
4/5/00 "Frictional Contacts and Other Stories" is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
3/27/00 Horror and Crime Comics Boom of 1950s is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
3/27/00 Bissette Presents Second Lecture in Horror Comics Series
3/21/00 Marlboro Presents Lecture on Amazonian Activism
3/21/00 Horror Comics Lecture Series Continues at Marlboro
3/21/00 Early Music Concert is Hosted by Marlboro College
3/21/00 Ancient Egyptian Religion is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
3/15/00 "An Ordinary Evening in New Haven" is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
3/8/00 Horror Comics is Topic of Marlboro Lecture Series
2/28/00 Marlboro Students to Spend Spring Break Building Homes for Low-Income Families
2/28/00 "Freefall" on Exhibit at Marlboro College
2/28/00 "Amazon Crude, Amazon Sued" is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
2/28/00 Experimental Filmmaker Gives Gallery Talk at Marlboro
2/16/00 Eric Bass Directs "A Little Illumination"
2/16/00 Marlboro Concert Features Cellist Bonnie Thron and Pianist Robert Merfeld
2/16/00 "No Words, For Words" on Exhibit at Marlboro College
2/16/00 Matapat Presents Quebecois Music, Song, and Dance
2/8/00 "Credibility, Persuasion, and Proof" is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
2/2/00 String Quartet Performs at Marlboro College
2/2/00 Faculty Forums Continue at Marlboro College
1/19/00 Shaman Journeying Process is Topic of Marlboro Presentation
1/12/00 Faculty Forum Series is Presented at Marlboro College
1/12/00 Marlboro College Hosts Contra Dance
1/4/00 Media Reportage on Africa is Topic of Marlboro Lecture
1/4/00 Brother of Marlboro Professor is Elected President of Uruguay

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