Marlboro College

NewsPress Release: 11/16/00Teacher, Musician Returns to Marlboro

MARLBORO, VT - Megan MacArthur Littlehales joined Marlboro College this fall as the new Administrative Assistant of the Total Health Center and as the American Disability Act Coordinator.

Littlehales was born and raised in the town of Marlboro. Her father, John MacArthur, has been a teacher at the college for 50 years. Littlehales attended Marlboro College for two years before finishing her undergraduate studies through Norwich University in Montpelier, Vermont. She went on to teach at Marlboro Elementary School for 4 years, and at a junior high school, a daycare, and a preschool. She has lived in Maine for the past 12 years where she was the music director at a private high school.

"This is kind of a new situation for me, I've never really been an office person," Littlehales commented on her new position. "I've been a teacher, a gardener, and a musician." Littlehales plays stand-up bass and with two other women comprises the band band Trillium, which has recorded several CDs. The switch to an office setting is easy, however, since Littlehales knows so many people here and likes the community. "It's a good place to be," she says. "I'm coming home."

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