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NewsPress Release: 11/16/00Student of Men's Studies to Graduate from Marlboro College

MARLBORO, VT - Todd Andrews will graduate this December from Marlboro College with a bachelor's degree in American studies. Andrews, an Austin, Texas native, focused his studies at Marlboro on the topic of men's studies.

Andrews has spent his last two years at Marlboro working on his Plan of Concentration. The "Plan," as students call it, is Marlboro's version of the undergraduate major, but is more like a master's thesis. Students work one-on-one with faculty and write an extensive research paper. In a manner unique in undergraduate education, work is evaluated in an oral examination with an outside expert.

Andrews' thesis focuses on changes in men's culture through the century. One aspect addresses turn of the century Christian men and movements like the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), the Men and Religious Forward movement, and the evangelist Billy Sunday. Bringing his focus to contemporary America, Andrews also has studied contemporary Christian manhood, including the Promise Keepers. "The Promise Keepers say they're not political," Andrews points out, "but they're funded by Christian far right groups like Focus on Family and the American Defense Fund. They speak a language of inclusion, but they're not looking at alternative ideas of families or similar issues."

In the spring of 1999, Andrews spent the semester abroad in the Netherlands. He went on a program offered by the School for International Training of Brattleboro, Vermont. The program covered gender, sexuality, and identity. "The program had recently been converted from a gay studies program," Andrews says. "I was the first heterosexual man ever to enter the program."

After graduation, Andrews plans to get involved in the work he has been studying for the past few years. "I need to network first," Andrews says, "but I'd like to get involved in working with men. Lecture, write a book, do small group work. I'm not high on thinking I can change the world, but I'll get my voice out there. I have high expectations, and I think I can meet them."

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