Marlboro College

NewsPress Release: 11/17/00Marlboro Women's Chorus Presents "Synesthesia"

Marlboro Women's Chorus leader
Julia Catherine Slone harmonizes
with a Vermont fall day.

MARLBORO, VT - Fifteen women from Marlboro College bring the Marlboro Women's Chorus and their fall performance "Synesthesia" to the Whittemore Theatre at Marlboro College on Monday, December 4, and to St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Brattleboro on Tuesday, December 5. Both concerts are at 7 p.m. The program includes songs from Quebec and Georgia, original arrangements of contemporary folk tunes, as well as original music and harmony improvisation.

"Synesthesia," explains chorus leader Julia Catherine Slone, "is a sound that's so powerful it makes you see color." Slone, a junior at Marlboro, has been organizing small groups of women since she first came to the college. The Women's Chorus is something that Vermont needs as the days grow short, explains Slone "more music and more variety."

According to Slone, the chorus, made up of both Marlboro College alumni and students, "pushes the envelopes of harmony of sound. We communicate through those harmonies with each other and with our audience." She adds, with a welcoming smile, "We invite the audience into our sound."

Both the Marlboro College performance and the St. Michael's performance are free and open to the public. St. Michael's Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Putney Road and Bradley Street in Brattleboro. For more information please call (802) 257-4333.

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