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NewsPress Release - September 26, 2000Marlboro College Hosts a Fall Series of Faculty Forums

Marlboro, VT - The first in a series of "Faculty Forums" at Marlboro College this semester will feature philosophy professor Dr. Neal Weiner presenting "The Distillation of Meaning from Truth, or Sentences Are Not Composed of Words: Thoughts on Etymology and Speculations on the Origin of Language," at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4, in the Apple Tree building.

The Faculty Forum series has been organized to give Marlboro faculty an opportunity to share aspects of their work outside the classroom with other faculty members, students, staff, and members of the community.

According to Weiner, the discussion will focus on "the thesis that the everyday relationship between words and their use in sentences necessitates a common ground of truth for all speakers of the same language and ultimately for all humankind." No previous experience in philosophy is needed.

Weiner, who has taught at Marlboro College since 1970, was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at the University of Chicago and was a Danforth Fellow at the University of Texas. He is the author of The Harmony of the Soul, a work on moral psychology; a logic textbook called The Articulation of Thought; and a series of travel books called The Interstate Gourmet. In addition, Weiner has published several poems and has read them at local literary events.

His teaching at Marlboro places special emphasis on the history of philosophy for, as he argues, "the study of history of thought stretches our minds so as to make us encompass possibilities of thought and action quite different from our own."

The Faculty Forum series continues at 4 p.m. on Wednesdays as follows: October 11 with language faculty member Roy Wright presenting "Catamount Folk Loss: Language and Lore of Eries (and Vermonters)"; November 1 with English faculty member J. Birjepatil presenting "Rereading Shakespeare II - With Special Reference to Hamlet"; and November 29 with World Studies Fellow Dan Lumonya presenting "My Experience at Marlboro - in Theory and Practice"

All of the forums are free and open to the public. They will take place in the Apple Tree building, which is fully accessible.

For more information, please call (802) 257-4333.

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