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NewsPress Release: 1/19/01New Financial Aid Administrators at Marlboro College

MARLBORO VT - Marlboro College recently welcomed new Director of Financial Aid John Caiazza and new Associate Director of Financial Aid Julia V. Dower. The director of aid position became available when Julie Richardson was promoted to Vice-President for Enrollment and Financial Aid.

Caiazza has worked in financial aid for twenty years, at institutions like Tufts University and Brandeis University, both located near Boston. He has worked with both undergraduate aid and graduate aid. Caiazza has a Ph. D. in philosophy and planned to be a college professor, but opted for financial aid as a field with a stronger future. Says Caiazza, "Marlboro can give the impression that it's a do-your-own-thing kind of place, when it actually is quite rigorous. Marlboro gives students freedom, but it requires responsibility."

A resident of Troy, New Hampshire and originally from Birmingham, Michigan, Julia attended Central Michigan University and Fitchburg State College, where she received her degree in business. After graduating, she worked at Antioch New England Graduate School and then joined the staff at Fitchburg State College as a financial aid counselor.

"I like the uniqueness of students at Marlboro," says Dower. "I like the sense of community. I enjoy being involved with several projects." Dower's duties include coordinating the college's work study program, as well as providing technical support for financial aid programs, serving as the contact between lenders and students.

Marlboro College is a learning community unlike any other in the country. The recent recipient of a $12 million anonymous donation, the largest in Vermont college history, Marlboro is also distinguished for its philosophy of self-governance, its tradition of academic rigor and excitement, and for its curriculum, self-designed, tailored to the individual, and taught in very small classes and one-on-one tutorials. Located on a beautiful 350-acre rural campus in Southern Vermont, Marlboro offers its 270 students an 8:1 student/faculty ration and a strong foundation in the liberal arts. For more information on Marlboro, call 802-257-4333.
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