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NewsPress Release: 1/22/01Local Reps Gather at Marlboro College Technology Center to BrainstormIdeas for Technology-Related Training

BRATTLEBORO, VT - Local business, arts, education, health, and community service representatives gathered at the Marlboro College Technology Center recently to brainstorm ideas for technology-related training and special programs that could meet the needs of the Brattleboro area.

Ideas generated and discussed at the January 12 meeting -- which was hosted by Marlboro College President Paul LeBlanc and Director of Community and Special Programs Mary Greene -- included school-break and after-school programs for students; Girls Tech Camp in the summer; tech programs targeted for at-risk youth; classroom technology training for teachers and their students; Internet programs for seniors; custom-designed programs focusing on technology in the arts; a speaker series on a variety of Internet-related topics; training sessions tailored to meet the technological needs of local businesses; executive-level seminars focusing on a macro perspective of technology; technology training geared for small, family-operated businesses; certification programs; and other workforce training.

"With our enhanced presence in downtown Brattleboro, we are eager to play a stronger role in community and economic development," says LeBlanc. "Brattleboro is an exciting place with a progressive culture. It is our goal to collaborate with other local organizations to help address technology and other needs in ways that contribute to the community's long-term vitality."

The college purchased the former Holstein Association building on Vernon Street in October 2000 with the help of funding from an anonymous donor. An additional half a million dollars in federal funding, secured with the assistance of Senator James Jeffords (R-VT), is aiding the development of the Technology Center's infrastructure, including community programming and a technology incubator for established and start-up technology companies.

According to Greene, "We are considering a wide range of programming opportunities for various age groups, interests, and technological needs in and around Brattleboro. We will be launching some 'pilot' community programs as early as this month, and will continue to offer more opportunities as ideas are developed and refined."

Greene, who has worked with Marlboro College since 1992, was most recently the director of academic programs for the Persons School of Marlboro College. Established in 1998, the Persons School offers three intensive master's degree programs in Internet Strategy Management, Teaching with the Internet, and Internet Engineering. The yearlong programs have grown from just over 20 students in the first graduating class to a current enrollment of 99 students.

For more information, please contact Greene at the Marlboro College Technology Center at (802) 451-7600.
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