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NewsPersons School Welcomes New Directors of Academic Programs,Enrollment

MARLBORO, VT – The Persons School of Marlboro College recently welcomed Claudine Keenan as the new director of academic programs, and Katherine Hallas Stahl as the new director of enrollment and student services.

Keenan received her B.A. in English from Adelphi University in New York, in 1989, and earned her M.A. in rhetoric and composition from California State University in 1993. In 1997 Keenan worked as a post-graduate fellow with the Lehigh Valley Writing Project at Penn State Lehigh Valley campus in Pennsylvania. She has also been a teacher, and a lecturer in English, business communications, and information sciences and technology at Pennsylvania State University.

Keenan first became associated with Marlboro while working as an educational consultant for the College from 1997 to 1999. Keenan says her main incentive for coming to the Persons School was the opportunity to work with Paul Leblanc. "Working with Paul Leblanc on exciting technology projects has been the best direction my career has ever taken," Keenan said. "He continues to inspire me and keep me energized in every new project that the college undertakes." Keenan enjoys participating in outdoor activities with her husband and three children. She also volunteers in her children’s classrooms to read aloud, to lead activities and to chaperone ice skating excursions.

Stahl received her B.A. in government at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, in 1992, before going on to earn her M.Ed. in educational administration and supervision at the Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, in 1996.

Stahl became interested in Marlboro College because she "thought it was a great educational model for students who loved to learn and wanted a school that offers them the flexibility to pursue their intellectual passions," she said. Until recently, Stahl was the director of admissions at Marlboro College's undergraduate campus, and made the move to The Persons School when the enrollment position was created. "I completely believe that we are in the midst of a revolution and that all aspects of our lives are being reshaped by the new technology and the new modes of communication and connection," said Hallas. "Working at The Persons School allows me to see this change unfold while working with adult learners who are really the pioneers of the new technology." Stahl volunteers at the Cheshire County YMCA in her spare time.

Marlboro College is a learning community unlike any other in the country. Marlboro's undergraduate college is located on a beautiful 350-acre rural campus in Southern Vermont, and offers its 300 students an 7:1 student/faculty ratio and a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Through its Brattleboro-based Persons School, Marlboro College also offers master's degrees in topics such as Internet strategy management and teaching with Internet technologies. It is currently accepting applications for the fall of 2001.

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