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NewsPress Release -Marlboro College Technology Center Plans To Grow

BRATTLEBORO, VT - Representatives for the Marlboro College Technology Center announced today that its business incubator is adding new companies, and is currently seeking more. Since its formation late last year, the technology-rich center for regional economic development has brought several successful Internet-oriented businesses under its wing, and over the next few months it is seeking to add both existing companies as well as entrepreneurs with promising business plans.

According to Maria Basescu, director of external affairs for the Technology Center, "We have been pleased both with the success of the companies that have joined us and also with the level of support that we have been able to offer them toward that success."

Basescu said that any business related to technology would be under consideration for tenancy. For example, the Technology Center recently welcomed Growing Design, Inc., a Web development firm. Growing Design is run by Tricia Mellett, a 1998 graduate of The Persons School of Marlboro College's program in Internet Strategy Management. Mellett also brings to the incubator. is an application development company that will use its patent-pending Liquid Intelligence (TM) recommendation engine to match products and services to business-to-business and retail e-commerce customers. Mellett expressed pleasure with the level of support offered by the Technology Center. "Maria [Basescu] has made it clear that the goal of the Technology Center is to support our success -- in a really hands-on way."

Another Internet-oriented company that is meeting with success at the Technology Center is Websound, Inc., which creates and delivers branded Internet radio to e-commerce and lifestyle-oriented Websites. Websound launched an online radio player on Volkswagen's Website ( on April 1, and is licensed to use all content owned by Sony, BMG, EMI, Warner, Universal Music, and hundreds of independent companies. Other new branded music clients include Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nieman Marcus, and Pottery Barn Kids.

Basescu outlined a variety of scenarios where a company could be selected for inclusion in Marlboro's incubator. A new or existing company may enter into a traditional lease arrangement, benefiting from the building's technology-rich environment. Or a company may be started there, and enjoy additional benefits such as rent relief, help in connecting with funding sources, and technical and operations support. The Technology Center will also offer a launch pad for entrepreneurs with strong business plans. Services include a complete office environment, including computer systems and full professional support services. With the arrangements in which the Technology Center plays a more active role, it may negotiate an equity stake in the company.

Addressing concerns about recent signs of economic slowdown, Basescu said "There is no doubt that the Internet will continue to gain importance in a part of everyday life and business." While some dot-com failures have been highly publicized, said Basescu, many start-ups are growing strongly. Many are also in the planning stages, where they are learning from the mistakes of their forebears as they seek a niche in the information economy.

A modern facility overlooking the Connecticut River, easily reached from Interstate 91 and from throughout the greater New England region, the Marlboro College Technology Center is a 60,000-square-foot commercial property in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. The property consists of high-quality office space on five floors, with ample parking and fully accessible on multiple levels.

Launched in Brattleboro in October 2000, the Marlboro College Technology Center brings together education and entrepreneurship, while offering technology resources to the community. It houses The Persons School of Marlboro College, which provides three year-long master's degree programs in Internet Strategy Management, Teaching with Internet Technologies, and Internet Engineering. The business incubator benefits from the presence of the expert faculty and alumni of The Persons School, as well as networking opportunities offered by the many professional seminars that take place at the Technology Center.

For more information about the Marlboro College Technology Center, including information about locating a company there, contact Maria Basescu, director of external affairs, 802-258-9211.

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