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NewsPress Release: 10/29/01

BRATTLEBORO, VT - Scott Phelps of Shelburne, Vermont, earned a Master of Science in Internet Strategy Management from The Persons School of Marlboro College.

Phelps telecommutes to Silicon Valley's Sega Enterprises, Inc., where he serves as director of distribution. His duties include oversight of the coin-operated video games sales administration and maintenance of specific portions of Sega's Website. He routinely negotiates warehousing/distribution contracts; one of his last contracts resulted in an annual savings of more than 65 percent.

In addition to his work at Sega, Phelps is the vice president of Internet strategy for logistics company Tracker Industries, Inc., where he has worked since February 2000. Since graduation, he has founded SummerSlip Internet Strategy Consulting (, providing affordable Internet strategy plans, marketing plans, and Website design and maintenance services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Phelps is also working with a Shelburne nonprofit called The Philo Center to create a new Website and automate the office operations.

A former U.S. Marine (1987 to 1991), Phelps holds a B.S. in accounting with a minor in management from the Southeastern Louisiana University, where he graduated one-and-one-half years early in December 1995.

Phelps was among 77 students receiving master's degrees in August 2001 from the Persons School's three programs: 40 for the Master of Science in Internet Strategy Management, 23 for the Master of Internet Engineering, and 14 for the Master of Arts in Teaching with Internet Strategies.

To graduate from one of the Persons School's programs, students must complete a Capstone project, the equivalent of a traditional master's thesis. A Capstone project demonstrates the mastery of the interdisciplinary curriculum and the implementation of an innovative concept for the use of the Internet in an organizational or educational setting.

Phelps's Capstone was entitled, "Native Chef, Inc.," which involved the development of an Internet business plan for a start-up ethnic convenience foods company. The project began with extensive market research, exploring the technological hurdles required to sustain such a business online, and evaluating the legal and ethical issues as they related to the company¹s online presence. He developed a logo, business cards, and packaging prototypes for the company to present during meetings with venture capitalists and co-manufacturers.

Established in 1997, the Persons School of Marlboro College has become nationally known for preparing individuals for the multidisciplinary demands of the online profession, and for producing leaders who understand the latest technology and the fundamental challenges that occur when schools and businesses go online. The yearlong programs are designed for working professionals who meet every other weekend and online for their studies.

For more information on The Persons School of Marlboro College, please call (802) 258-9200 or visit the college online at

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