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NewsPress Release: 12/5/02

MARLBORO, VERMONT – "Eleventh & Love," a new, multi-character, autobiographical one-man show by Tim Collins '02, will run Friday, Jan. 24, in the Whittemore Theater at Marlboro College.

Collins, a resident of Belfast, Maine, has been creating and touring solo theater pieces for over two years. His last work, "On the Outskirts of Everything," a seven-character show about men struggling to contend with love, fame, illness, family, and corporate America, played to enthusiastic audiences at a number of New England theaters earlier this fall.

"Eleventh & Love," Collins's third show, is his most ambitious piece of theater yet. He comments: "This piece came from my experience of living in London during 9/11. I arrived in the U.K. on Sept. 10, and 24 hours later the world fell on its ear. This piece explores the alienation and absurdity of trying to process the trauma while living abroad."

"Eleventh & Love" is rich with characters, all outspoken, all incited to speak on America and its suddenly precarious position. Collins morphs between an outrageous, passive-aggressive British acting teacher, an empathetic Japanese sports medicine student, a world-weary London prostitute, a silently subversive mime, a Shakespeare-stuttering co-ed, a roaring Bulgarian, and half a dozen other sharp-tongued characters. Through it all, the narrator careens through the chaotic ruins of a crumbling set, taking the audience with him on a colorful journey through spoken word poetry rants, desperate phone calls to home, and ecstatic romps through the somber streets of London.

"Eleventh & Love is witty, touching, insightful, and funny," says Judy Harrison of the Bangor Daily News. "Collins exudes a hypnotic quality, transfixing theater goers,” Corrine Vaccaro wrote, in the Republican Journal. "9/11 must be our generation's wake-up call," says Collins. "If that tragedy doesn't jar us out of our consumer torpor into a more conscious and challenging existence, than nothing will, and America is truly lost. Eleventh & Love is my attempt to make sense of that overshadowing tragedy and my attempt to grapple with the question: "Now what?"

Collins graduated from Marlboro College this past May with a degree in theater.

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