Marlboro College


Press Release: 12/18/02

From Cuba With Auto Parts

MARLBORO, VT – Dan McArthur had always wanted to go to Cuba, but not as a typical tourist. And he didn't pack a typical suitcase when he left for the country. Instead, he filled his bags with auto parts.

He wound up trading car parts with the locals, on the news program Nightline, and headed back to the country with supplies.

After taking a class on Cuba at Marlboro College, McArthur went to Cuba. With his interest in cars to guide him, McArthur brought and exchanged auto parts with the Cubans.

The Trade Embargo makes the automobiles in Cuba antiques of the United States. McArthur, a self-described "gear-head" can name a car's maker and year as it goes down a Cuban street. A Vermont native, McAuthor says he spends his days in America fixing up antique cars while his trips to Cuba have allowed him the opportunity to put his skills to good work.

He explained the trade system as a win-win one. He traded the parts with the Cubans allowing them the opportunity to better fix their cars. At the same time, he was able to find rare auto parts for his cars back in Vermont.

McArthur was recently featured on the news program Nightline for his unique trading system with Cubans and plans many return trips to the country.

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