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NewsPress Release: 7/3/02

BRATTLEBORO, VT – A new master's degree program at the Marlboro College Technology Center could offer help to businesses in the banking and insurance industries.

According to Admission Director Margaret J. Donahue, the new Systems
Integration Management program will produce graduates with the ability to
easily line up databases for a variety of financial institutions.

"As companies grow or merge, they are often left with databases that don't
talk to each other and they need solutions for how to better communicate
their data," Donahue said. "This can be critical to businesses in keeping up
with customer service."

For example, Donahue explained, when two banks merge, they often have
difficulties due to factors like different customer account numbers.

"They need a system that works flawlessly, that is overarching and allows
for future merges. This ultimately saves them time and money by avoiding
patch jobs," she said. "This program teaches students to do this for them."
On that end, Donahue will be visiting banks and other businesses throughout New England to share what the Persons School has to offer.

"We want banks to know that we are here and that this is what we can do for them," she said. "This is the hottest degree out there right now."

The year-long master's program holds classes at the Marlboro College
Technology Center every other weekend, with the rest of the coursework
conducted online. For those who cannot travel to the site, video
conferencing with faculty is offered.

The Persons School of Marlboro College also provides four yearlong master's degree programs -- Systems Integration Management, Internet Strategy Management, Teaching with Internet Technologies, and Internet Engineering.

The Technology Center also features an incubator for start-up and existing
technology companies and a launch pad for Persons School alumni with viable business plans for new tech companies.

For more information on any Persons School programs or the Systems
Integration Management program visit or call (888) 258-5665.

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