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NewsPress Release: 3/6/02Marlboro College Holds Freeze on Tuition for Fourth ConsecutiveYear

MARLBORO, VERMONT -- Despite state and national trends, tuition and fees at Marlboro College have remained the same since 1998. In 1998, Marlboro cut the cost of tuition and fees by $1,400 from $20,960 to $19,560 and has held that amount steady ever since. In addition, the amount for room and board has remained flat since 1998.

According to the College Board, over the past five academic years, tuitions at private four-year colleges in the United States of America have gone up by 24 percent in current dollars and room and board figures are up by 17 percent. "While other schools have been raising costs at alarming rates, Marlboro has really concentrated on making a high-quality education affordable by cutting tuition and then holding the line year after year," says Julie Richardson, vice president for enrollment and financial aid. She continues, "Marlboro doesn't consider financial need when making decisions about whom to admit. Once accepted, we meet the full, demonstrated financial need of our students. This makes Marlboro affordable for low and middle-income families. Eighty-five percent of our students receive financial aid totaling over $5 million in assistance a year."

When asked about college tuitions in the state, Senator Peter Shumlin, president pro-tem of the Vermont Senate, comments, "Marlboro College has shown extraordinary leadership and sensitivity to middle income students struggling to pay for higher education by freezing tuition. I hope that other institutions as visionary as Marlboro will show similar vision in the future."

"What makes this news even more wonderful," according to Dean of Faculty John Hayes, "is that, at the same time, we have been able to continue strengthening the institution through increasing the endowment and building new facilities." Since 1996, Marlboro has grown its endowment from $1 million to $15 million and is in the midst of a major campus renovation project, which includes breaking ground this spring on an addition to the library that will double its size.

Founded in 1946, Marlboro College offers undergraduate education in the liberal arts and, since 1997, graduate study focused on Internet technologies. Its 300 undergraduate students enjoy a 7:1 student-faculty ratio, a voice in governing the community, and individualized courses of study on a 350-acre campus in the hills of southern Vermont. Marlboro's nearby Brattleboro-based Persons School features four masteršs degree programs -- Systems Integration Management, Internet Strategy Management, Teaching with Internet Technologies, and Internet Engineering. The Brattleboro campus is located in the Marlboro College Technology Center, which brings together education and entrepreneurship, while offering technology resources to the community.

For more information, contact the college at (802) 258-4333 or visit

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