Marlboro College



MARLBORO, VT – Students, faculty, and staff will take the plunge once again this year as they strip down and dive into the school’s fire pond on Wednesday, March 5.

The Polar Plunge has been a tradition at Marlboro for the past five years and was started by former OP Director Jeff Smith.
It was instantly popular with community members because,“People here like to do crazy things,” said Max Foldeak, organizer of Polar Plunge.

“Anything goes (at the Polar Plunge), the first year everyone was in bathing suits and now it’s more of a clothes optional event,” Foldeak said.

There will also be a sweat lodge at the event this year. The sweat lodge was built by students in the area around the fire pond.
Different faculty and staff have participated in the event over the years — including a dip one year by Marlboro College President Paul LeBlanc.


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