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Neal Weiner to Present Genesis Film Combining Video and Poetry at Hooker-Dunham Theater on Feb. 13

MARLBORO, VT – Marlboro College is pleased to announce that faculty member Neal Weiner will hold a public showing of his new film, Genesis on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hooker-Dunham Theater in downtown Brattleboro.

Genesis is a modern cosmological myth, a film based on a long creation poem by Neal Weiner, who teaches philosophy at Marlboro College The poem synthesizes the creation stories of the Judeo-Christian, Hindu, and Sufi spiritual traditions. These it combines with scientific ideas (evolution, the big bang) and the philosophical ideas of the ancient Greeks, especially Plato. The whole is welded into a thoughtful and quiet meditation on stillness, the rhythms of nature and the place of human beings.

For some 40 minutes, moving images, quotations, and hundreds of still photographs pass in a stately choreography of the poem’s words, ideas and music. We are taken from the most basic of questions -- why there is anything at all -- through the meaning of myth, and to the actual details of astronomy, geology, biology and psychology. The entire narrative culminates in a retelling of the story of the fall. Both poem and film seek a rhapsodic and conceptual understanding of the order of the world, the place of humans beings in it, and ultimately a reconciliation with all that is.

“I’m combining film and poetry and that’s very exciting to me,” he said. “I haven’t seen this before, and I’m excited about the possibilities,” he said.

Neal Weiner joined the Marlboro faculty in 1970, after being a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at the University of Chicago and a Danforth Fellow at the University of Texas where he did his doctoral work on Plato. His teaching at Marlboro places special emphasis on the history of philosophy for, as he argues, "the study of history of thought stretches our minds so as to make us encompass possibilities of thought and action quite different from our own. Without understanding them, we cannot understand ourselves.”

He has been writing poetry for the past six years, is a member of Write Action in Brattleboro, and has been published in several poetry journals. He is also author of two academic works, The Harmony of the Soul, and Generosity and Truth, as well as the popular travel books, The Interstate Gourmet.

The showing is open to the public and a $3 to $5 donation is requested. For more information, contact Weiner at 802-254-9201 or or Helen Anglos (Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery), 802-254-9276,

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