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MARLBORO, VT – It’s lights out for on-campus students wishing to win funds for their dormitory this semester by participating in the Environmental Quality Committee (EQC) electricity savings competition.

Ashley Bies '05, a member of the EQC, presented the competition guidelines at the first Town Meeting of the semester.

“The idea behind the competition was to find a way to provide an incentive for students to reduce their energy consumption on campus, and in the process to raise awareness of this issue,” Bies explained. “The goal is for each dorm to reduce its electricity consumption this semester by the greatest percentage in relation to the average usage over the last three spring semesters.”

The EQC had set aside $150 for the prize which will be shared by the dormitory pair that wins the competition (all dorms on campus share an electric meter with their neighbor).

In order to encourage increased interest in this venture, President Paul LeBlanc chipped in another $100 toward the prize, which will be used to throw an end-of the semester dorm party for winning participants.

The EQC has encouraged resident assistants to hold dorm meetings to promote the competition and has posted suggestions in each dorm on curtailing electricity consumption, including using energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning off and/or unplugging appliances when not in use, using clotheslines instead of dryers and using wind-up clocks instead of electric clocks.

“Our short term hope is that students will take this seriously and make
earnest attempts to limit their consumption,” Bies said. “More important, in the long term, would be for us to become more conscious of the impacts of our daily actions and to act more responsibly throughout our lives.”


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