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NOTE: The use of her and she to reference the Boy is deliberate. The Boy in the play is actually a woman.

MARLBORO, VT – Marlboro College is pleased to announce a free public performance of “Scene 9: Here Called Mandala for Gary Indiana, There Called A Flash of Light Brighter Than the Sun,” slated for April 10 through 12 at 8 p.m. in the Whittemore Theater.

Directed by Holly Derr and written by David Clarke, “Scene 9” is the story of a boy on her journey through a World of War and all that it entails: racism, prostitution, and degradation. It looks at the following questions: How is this journey played out when the larger world, through oppression and exploitation, transforms hope and trust into cynicism and defeat? Is the empowered in returning to a familiar world possible? Does enlightenment simply mean acceptance of death? Is sacrifice really suicide?

The performance will feature Marlboro actors Colin Bonnington, Jordan Hendrickson, Morgan Eckert, Amialya Elder, Alice Everly, Alaina Hammond, Saari Koponen-Robotham, Kristen Olsson, and Sarah Seagrave.

Others involved include Assistant Director Ivy Roberts, Dramaturg Kristen Olsson, Set Designer Alex Lehman, Costume Designer Kristiana Moliter, Sound Designer Erica Smerdon, Light Designer Trevor Johann, Projection Designer Brad Heck, and Production Manager Andrew Hood.


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