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MARLBORO, VERMONT – A documentary offering a cautiously optimistic view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be screened at Marlboro College as part of its “Monday Nights at Marlboro” lecture series.

“Different Drummers: Daring to Make Peace in the MidEast” by filmmaker John J. Michalczyk will be shown on Monday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Whittemore Theater at Marlboro College. This showing will be followed by comments from a film field producer on the work.

Shot on location in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and various regions in Israel in June 2000 and January 2002, “Different Drummers” presents a cautiously optimistic view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, told from the perspectives of five Israeli peacemakers. This caution comes with the awareness of the continual atrocities that occur in the area, such as the Second Intifadah of 2000, which left in its wake more than 800 Israelis and 2000 Palestinians dead and a recently erected security wall that separates the warring parties.

According to Michalczyk, so much about the Middle East these days involves conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The American media focuses on the violence of Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli house demolitions. Yet there is an ever-growing sector of the Israeli population that is determined to find ways of accommodation and peace with their Palestinian neighbors. These are seldom-heard voices crying out in the desert, which hope to provoke all concerned parties to consider more seriously a path toward peace and reconciliation, Michalczyk points out.

“Different Drummers” argues that while it may take another generation or more to heal the wounds of this conflict, the path to peace is a visible and a viable one, one that can be realized with time, courage, and hope.The fourth film in Etoile Documentary Group’s Conflict Resolution series, “Different Drummers” follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, “South Africa: Beyond a Miracle” (2001), “Prelude to Kosovo: War and Peace in Bosnia and Croatia” (1999), and “Out of the Ashes: Northern Ireland’s Fragile Peace” (1997), each presenting an alternative view of a widely documented conflict.

Michalczyk currently serves as Boston College Fine Arts Chair, Film Studies Program Co-Director, and Film Professor. He is a documentary filmmaker whose 12 documentaries over the past decade have focused on social justice and have been distributed widely both nationally and internationally. His films explore the issues of discrimination, hatred, war, and peace, including anti-Semitism in the Christian world, medicine and ethics in the Third Reich, issues of disabilities, as well as apartheid in South Africa.

On hand for the screening will be the field producer for Etoile Documentary Group Alfred Chandler. The event is being sponsored by the Marlboro College Lecture Committee and is free of charge. For more information or for cancellation information due to inclement weather, contact Erin George, Public Relations Coordinator, at Marlboro College at (802) 251-7644.

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