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News New Marlboro College Health Center Will Meet Demand For Student Care

THC Construction Live Feed

Marlboro, VT – Marlboro College is building a new Total Health Center (THC) in response to an increasing demand for services on campus.

Campus statistics show that as enrollment has grown, medical and counseling visits to the THC have jumped by approximately 17 and 25 percent respectively.

Those numbers are a reflection of what is happening nationally. According to Psychiatric News, the newspaper of the American Psychiatric Association, the utilization of health services and the complexity of student needs on college campuses have surged. 

Ann Marie Gorham, Medical Director at Marlboro College explained, “There are so many more issues that are caught with advanced medical treatment that enable students to attend college who, maybe, would not have had access to higher education in the past.”

The new facility, which is slated to open in 2008, will be a 4,270 square-foot addition to the Campus Center and feature a fitness room, two exam rooms and three counseling offices.

Also, a part-time RN and part-time counseling intern have joined the staff and will start immediately.

Gorham believes the additional help and new building will enable Marlboro to take a more proactive approach to student wellness, “We will be able to offer more educational programs, including smoking cessation and reproductive health classes.  We’ll not only be able to get students healthy but be able to keep them healthy.”

Currently, the THC is housed in a 19th century farmhouse for three seasons of the year.  During the summer the THC has traditionally packed up and moved out in order to accommodate the organizers of the Marlboro Music Festival.  Once the new building is complete that move will be eliminated.

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Short (~2 minute < 35MB) time-lapse of the construction

Full (~4 minute < 70MB) time-lapse of the construction, from late June 2006 to early November 2007.

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