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News Marlboro is named one of 100 best gay-friendly universities

Marlboro, VT –

“Being queer is no big deal here,” says an anonymous 23 year-old junior about Marlboro College in the new The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students. The book, published this August, features the best 100 gay-friendly college and university campuses for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

The author Shane L. Windmeyer writes that Marlboro “is dedicated to including all individuals who crave academic rigor and who have felt disillusioned with mainstream society – drama kids, band kids, science geeks, literature nerds, creative writers and, of course, queers.”

Marlboro was selected in the top 100 because of its inclusive, close-knit community, the strength of the campus gay pride group, its efforts to recruit prospective LGBT students to the college, and its gay-supportive administration and health services.

“Well, duh; we’re amazingly accepting,” says junior and openly gay Seth Bowman about Marlboro College. “We always have been. We’re completely integrated.”

Windmeyer is a national LGBT campus authority and founder of Campus PrideNet. The Advocate guide promises to be an important resource for parents and families seeking to help their LGBT students find the best college choice. In order to compile the guide, researchers held 5,000 online interviews with LGBT students and 500 online interviews with faculty and staff from campuses across the country.

Academic programs, student life offerings, tuition and campus contacts are included in the book. There are sections on housing, gay-friendly resources on campus and the social scene.

“I’m glad that Marlboro was recognized in this way,” says recent graduate Amialya Bellerose Elder, a lesbian. “On the other hand, some of their criteria for what makes a ‘gay-friendly college’ in this guide book seems a bit, well, superfluous. Marlboro is truly gay-friendly – not because we have a separate commencement for LGBT students, but because gay students are treated no differently than straight ones.”

Marlboro College has also been recently featured in the Princeton Review and Loren Pope’s Colleges that Change Lives.

For more information on The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students, visit

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