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12/7/2007 Dance Showcase Features Marlboro Student Choreography
12/5/2007 Gene Ammarell Presents: "Where Have all the Fish Gone?"
12/5/2007 Chamber Music and Chorus Concert at Marlboro
12/4/2007 Artist Wendy Ewald Visits Marlboro
12/5/2007 Live Television Show “Appreciations” Presented at Marlboro College on the 8th
12/1/2007 Marlboro Holds 16th Annual Fencing Tournament
11/27/2007 World AIDS Day at Marlboro College
11/7/2007 Co-Founder of Food Not Bombs Speaks at Marlboro College on November 14th
11/7/2007 Meet Marlboro College Online at CollegeWeekLive
10/31/2007 Artist Rob Nadeau Visits Marlboro College
10/31/2007 Marlboro Welcomes Pianist Renana Gutman
10/25/2007 Choreographer Shannon Hummel Brings Contemporary Dance to Marlboro College
9/24/2007 Former Marlboro President Rod Gander Dies at 76
9/13/2007 Brahms’ String Sextets Performed at Marlboro College on the 23rd
9/11/2007 “Toward Cultural Mobility: The Strange Case of Cardenio”
Shakespeare Scholar Leads Discussion at Marlboro on the 28th
8/21/2007 Marlboro College Featured by the Princeton Review
8/20/2007 Announcing two new senior-level administrative hires: Ken Schneck and Bryant Morgan
8/9/2007 Final Concert of the Marlboro Music Festival's 2007 season will commence this weekend in three special performances
8/1/2007 Three Marlboro Music Festival concerts offer 35 resident artists in diverse works for piano, strings, woodwinds and voice
7/31/2007 Watch the trailer of Early Voices, a documentary of pioneering alumni and friends' stories about Marlboro's inception
5/4/2007 Plotting a Career in a Sustainable World
5/3/2007 Global Health Council President Delivers Commencement Address
4/24/2007 Photographs of Constructed Realities: Marlboro College Senior Art Exhibit
4/24/2007 Senior Art Exhibits Feature Ceramics and Mixed Media
4/24/2007 Marlboro College Senior Displays Book Examining Urban Change
4/24/2007 Wonder in Aliceland: Dance Performance at Marlboro College
4/24/2007 Rapid Reviews: 41 Books in 41 Minutes
4/24/2007 Sculptures, Photographs and Graphic Novel Exhibited at Marlboro
4/10/2007 Free Software Advocate Richard Stallman At Marlboro
3/29/2007 Religion in the 21st Century: Fatal, Flawed or Freeing
3/23/2007 Ain't Nothin but Mammals Dance at Marlboro
3/22/2007 Schubert's Octet Performed at Marlboro
3/22/2007 Using Media to Influence Social Change
3/22/2007 Smithsonian Institute Artist Speaking at Marlboro
3/22/2007 Marlboro Music Festival Musicians Form Group; Return to Play
3/21/2007 Past and Present Images from Civil War Battlegrounds
3/1/2007 Musicians Pay Tribute to Vermont Folk Singer
3/1/2007 Incident at Vichy and Abaddon Abandoned Performed At Marlboro
2/22/2007 First Amendment and Protecting Freedom from Religion: Lecture at Marlboro
2/22/2007 Jay Craven's "Dissappearances" Shows at Marlboro College
2/20/2007 Marlboro President Recognized for Proposing and Implementing National Program
2/20/2007 Same-Sex Benefits: Focus of Lecture at Marlboro College
2/20/2007 Forms in Flight: An Evening of Modern Dance at Marlboro
2/20/2007 Manuel Mendez Guzman Discusses Ending Human Rights Violations in Mexico
2/20/2007 Marlboro College Performances Raise Money for Brattleboro Women's Shelter
2/20/2007 Marlboro's Registrar Publishes Book
2/8/2007 Winter Weather Prevails! Wendell Cup Cross Country Competition On!
2/8/2007 Marlboro College Faculty and Staff Present Own Literary Selections
2/8/2007 Marlboro College Hosts Inner-City Boston Students
2/8/2007 Graduate Creates Structure Specifically for Marlboro Campus Gallery
2/6/2007 Student Violinist Joins Pianist Merfeld and Violinist Keyes for Mozart Concert
2/2/2007 The Inconvenient Truth Climate Project Comes to Marlboro
2/2/2007 Community in costume grabs brooms, finds ice
1/31/2007 Marlboro Launches MBA In Managing for Sustainability
1/30/2007 Filmmaker Discusses Polish Secular Drama Series at Marlboro College
1/30/2007 Highway Gothic Exhibit at Marlboro College Drury Gallery

For more information on Marlboro College press releases please contact Matthew Barone.
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