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NewsWonder in Aliceland: Dance Performance at Marlboro College

Marlboro, VT (April 23, 2007)—Marlboro College senior Jonna Rose will re-interpret Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in her Plan performance on Friday, May 4, and Saturday, May 5, at 8:00 p.m. in Whittemore Theater at Marlboro College.

Wonder in Aliceland incorporates hip-hop, modern and jazz dance styles as well as Rose’s research on female adolescent development to inspire Alice’s journey.

The performance is split into chapters, each incorporating dialogue from Lewis Carroll’s tale. Characters guide Alice through film and live dance, from “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole” to “The Queen’s Croquet Ground.”

The performance will featuring dancers from Marlboro College and guests former faculty member Sarah Grasso, Elizabeth Hallet, ’05 and members of the Burr and Burton Varsity Dance Team.  The dance includes recreations of Beastie Boys and Britney Spears music videos, and highlights alternative and pop music.

Rose has worked for the Eastern Dance Association and on the staff for ESP Production’s Capital One/Citrus Bowl half time show. Her dance team choreography has won the Vermont State Championship and received honorable mention at the UDA National Championship.

Audience members are encouraged to come early to view gallery artwork, featuring senior Eva Salomon’s sculpture display My Mother’s Table, in addition to the performance.

For more details, contact Jonna Rose at or log on to our Web site and click on the “News” link.

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