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News Peter W. Galbraith Joins Marlboro College Board of Trustees

MARLBORO, VT – (February 11, 2008) – Peter W. Galbraith was named to the Marlboro College Board of Trustees during Saturday’s trustees meeting on the college campus.

Galbraith, a long-time resident of Townshend, will serve a three-year term. His father, noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith, was an associate trustee to Marlboro College from 1981 to the time of his passing in 2006.

“Peter is a neighbor and fellow Vermonter who possesses experience in the international arena that we believe aids our mission to provide a global perspective to the education of our students. His father served us well for many years, and we are very pleased and proud that he has offered his guidance to our institution,” said Marlboro College President, Ellen McCulloch-Lovell.

Galbraith is a former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia and has received international recognition for his work on environmental protection as well as promoting human rights and democracy across the Globe. He has been a senior advisor to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding Iraq, and in 2006 he authored the critically-acclaimed 2006 book, The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War without End (Simon and Schuster). Currently, he is a principal of Windham Resources Group, LLC, an international business based in Windham County. He is married to Dr. Tone Bringa and has three children.

For more information, contact the Marlboro Public Relations Department at 802-251-7644 or

Celebrating 60 years, Marlboro College offers undergraduate education in the liberal arts. Its 330 undergraduate students enjoy an 8:1 student-faculty ratio, a voice in governing the community and individualized courses of study on a 350-acre campus in the hills of southern Vermont. Continuing degree and certificate programs have been offered at the Marlboro College Graduate Center in Brattleboro, Vermont since 1997.


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